Cuvée Coffee - Jackalope Decaf

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Citrus, Malted Milk, Walnut
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About Cuvée Coffee - Jackalope Decaf

Drinking coffee for the buzz is like eating to get full. Where's the joy in that? Cuvée takes all the delicious flavors of malt, roasted walnuts and fruits folks love in a Colombian single origin and offers them purely for a comforting flavor experience, thanks to the natural decaffeination process.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz
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Cuvée Coffee

Cuvée Coffee

Cuvée coffee started tinkering with the status-quo in 1998, when they began building their own direct trade network to ensure consistent access to high-quality coffee. From there they built a world-class lab in Austin, TX, where their roasting craft was honed to enhance each unique coffee to the best of its potential. Cuvée have always experimented with craft – the tinkering never ceases!

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