Deeper Roots Coffee - Alchemy Espresso

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Cherry, Toffee, Chocolate
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About Deeper Roots Coffee - Alchemy Espresso

Making delicious espresso is a high-stakes game, done right and it can offer some mind-blowing results. This blend of washed and natural coffees has been carefully designed to offer layers of cherry, toffee, creamy chocolate and dried fruit flavors when brewed as espresso.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz
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Deeper Roots Coffee

Deeper Roots Coffee

Deeper Roots coffee has been roasting since 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their focus lies on equitable, long term relationships with growers, bringing their stories to the front and center of releasing and marketing their coffees. They strive to source, roast and share distinctive coffees that are "good for the people". Their roasting style highlights the individual nuances and complexities each coffee gets from the land it's grown and the care of producers who grew it.

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