Dogwood Coffee - Panorama (Seasonal)

Dogwood Coffee - Panorama (Seasonal)

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Berry, Brown Sugar, Floral
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About Dogwood Coffee - Panorama (Seasonal)

A comforting reminder of simple pleasures, this coffee presents fresh fruitiness complemented by brown sugar sweetness and a floral touch. Taste the tranqulity in every sip. Velvety smooth and medium roasted, this coffee serves a feast of flavours. Fruity tones meet floral nuance with a delicate brown sugar sweetness. Enjoy a moment of peace, today.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz


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Dogwood Coffee Company prides itself on its small-batch appeal and obsession with high-quality coffee beans. Based in Minneapolis and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dogwood strives to bring passion and perfection to the table. This popular coffee roaster produces beautifully crafted single-origin coffees and blends that blend beans from the world’s best growers. Check out a full range of Dogwood Coffee selections here at Seattle Coffee Gear!

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