Fellow Prismo Aeropress Attachment

Fellow Prismo Aeropress Attachment
Fellow Prismo Aeropress Attachment
Fellow Prismo Aeropress Attachment
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John, our local barista, has this to say.
  • Value Add - It's nice to see something new happen with the Aeropress! The extra functionality improves on an already amazing device.
  • Cold Brew - One of those extra features, a Prismo makes an excellent cold brew concentrate.
  • Under Pressure - The extra pressing pressure can take a toll on your forearms and wrists.


Breathe new life into your old Aeropress with the Fellow Prismo filter assembly. The Prismo provides a little more resistance to your press, creating a thicker, richer coffee than a standalone Aeropress. While its not quite true espresso, you'll still get a coffee concentrate perfect for faux-lattes and other milk drinks. The Prismo also serves as a drip-proof end cap for your Aeropress, letting you use it for cold brew and other long-steep brew methods. It even includes a stainless steel aeropress filter—just the thing for richer, full-bodied cups.

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  • Manufacturer: Fellow
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 2.75 inches
    • Height: 1 inch
    • Depth: 2.75 inches
  • Materials:
    • Exterior: Plastic
    • Case: Plastic

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What it Covers: Fellow Electric Kettles and Grinders

Length: 1 Year Electric: Stagg EKG, Stagg EKG+, Corvo EKG, Ode Brew Grinder

Length: 2 Year New Generation Electric: Stagg EKG Pro, Stagg EKG Pro Studio Edition, Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2, Fellow Opus

Who Supports the Warranty: Fellow Products

Warranty Contact Information: hello@fellowproducts.com

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