Hario Coffee Dripper V60 - Glass

Hario Coffee Dripper V60 - Glass
Hario Coffee Dripper V60 - Glass

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John, our local barista, has this to say.
  • Great Build Quality - The Hario Coffee Dripper V60 is designed with utmost quality.
  • Excellent Taste - Simply put, coffee brewed using the Hario Coffee Dripper V60 is excellent
  • Easy to Use - Using this single-serve Coffee Dripper is extremely simple
  • Separation - With this product, the brew and serve vessels are separate from each other


When all you want is a single, delightfully fresh cup of coffee, your go-to product should be the Hario Coffee Dripper V60. Crafted in black or white glass, the pour-over unit produces just enough coffee for a single cup.

Sizes Available: Small (01) Medium (02)

How the Hario Coffee Dripper V60 Works

The pour-over technique allows you to brew directly into your cup or server. While techniques may vary among users, below is an overview of the pour-over's general process.

  1. Grind your coffee beans and preheat your dripper and vessel
  2. Set the dripper atop or above your vessel
  3. Place the appropriate paper or cloth filter into the Hario Coffee Dripper V60
  4. Add ground coffee depending on your specific taste preferences
  5. Pour the desired amount of preheated (anywhere from 195&deg to 205&deg) water over the coffee grounds, allowing the brewed coffee to drip down into your vessel

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Founded in 1921 in Japan as a manufacturer of heatproof glass, Hario is synonymous with innovative, high-quality coffee and tea equipment. You’re probably familiar with the iconic Hario coffee dripper—the Hario V60—but this cutting-edge company also produces a suite of portable hand grinders, coffee presses, servers, decanters, drip pots and other great accessories. Explore our selection at Seattle Coffee Gear for our favorite handpicked Hario products.

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  • Manufacturer: Hario
  • Model Number: Small (01): VDG-01W | Medium (02): VDG-02W
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: Small (01): 4.0 inches | Medium (02): 4.5 inches
    • Height: Small (01): 3.25 inches | Medium (02): 3.875 inches
  • Materials:
    • Exterior: Glass
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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