KLLR Coffee Roasters - Washed Ethiopia

Amazing picture of the packaging for KLLR Coffee Roasters Washed Ethiopia coffee roast.

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Floral, Black Tea, Peach
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About KLLR Coffee Roasters - Washed Ethiopia

Peachy sweet! Bright and floral like iced tea, even when it's brewed hot. If you love your brewed coffee enchantingly sweet, crystal clear, and served without any additions, this is a single origin worth diving into.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz
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KLLR Coffee Roasters

KLLR Coffee Roasters

KLLR Coffee's tagline: Better People, Better Coffee. With a focus on creating real careers and caring for them well, they've been able to cultivate a team brimming with passion and talent that you can truly taste in every bag. Recently expanding into the North Texas market, KLLR is poised to grow throughout the region and make better coffee possible for more people.

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