Necessary Coffee - Colombia

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Roasted Nuts, Chocolate
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About Necessary Coffee - Colombia

You've heard of comfort food, how about comfort coffee? Whether it's a manic Monday or the end of a long hard day, this medium roast is a calming combination of toasted nuts and rich chocolate. A single origin that is as versatile to brew with as it is simply delicious to drink. Sourced with a 'Necessary' emphasis on farmer empowerment too.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 325 gr
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Necessary Coffee

Necessary Coffee

The team at Necessary Coffee Roasters come from a globetrotting specialty sourcing background. Their roastery aims to bridge the gap between ultra-premium boutique lots and the majority of coffee from any given harvest. By doing so, Necessary Coffee are making good quality beans approachable for everyday enjoyment, all while ensuring viable business for producers.

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