Necessary Coffee - Dark Roast

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Molasses, Bittersweet Chocolate
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About Necessary Coffee - Dark Roast

A Necessary take on the classic Dark Roast style. A bold and smoky coffee that supports broader buying from coffee farmers. Necessary's inaugural Dark Roast offering is from Brazil, purchased from producers in the region of Espíritu Santo. Our specific lot from the 2021 harvest is a regional community blend, composed of coffee bought from multiple small family farms - most of which are located in close proximity to Santa Maria de Jetibá.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 325 gr
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Necessary Coffee

Necessary Coffee

The team at Necessary Coffee Roasters come from a globetrotting specialty sourcing background. Their roastery aims to bridge the gap between ultra-premium boutique lots and the majority of coffee from any given harvest. By doing so, Necessary Coffee are making good quality beans approachable for everyday enjoyment, all while ensuring viable business for producers.

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