Passenger Coffee & Tea - Heza

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Raspberry, Black Tea, Apricot
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About Passenger Coffee & Tea - Heza

Grown on Gishubi Hill, this coffee was processed at the Long Miles-built Heza washing station. Another rousing cup of fruity finesse from Passenger, who seek out coffees that wow both for their cup profile and industry-leading sustainable practices. Notes of dried apricots and berries, with a clean black tea finish that makes for a refreshing and elegant espresso, drip or filter.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 10 oz
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Passenger Coffee & Tea

Passenger Coffee & Tea

Since 2014, Passenger Coffee's identity as a
coffee roastery has been informed by a particular approach to quality
and preservation: storing their green coffee in a deep-freeze facility
as soon as it arrives! This allows Passenger to offer a range of highly
consistent, memorable coffees to drinkers all year-round. They're also
part of The Commons Company, a small B-Corp Certified hospitality group
located in Lancaster, PA.

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