Wonderstate Coffee - Star Valley Decaf

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Wonderstate Coffee - Star Valley Decaf

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Cream, Nutty
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About Wonderstate Coffee - Star Valley Decaf

Darkly roasted to exquisite perfection, this espresso blend exudes a tempting chocolate aroma. The creamy and nutty tasting notes take your palate for an enchanting journey. Warm comfort in every sip.

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Swiss Water Process

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz


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Wonderstate Coffee

Wonderstate Coffee

Formerly known as Kickapoo Coffee Roasters, Wonderstate Coffee operates on a tradition of ethical high quality roasting. With an impressive range of organic roasts, Wonderstate has coffee for every palate and brew method. Blends like Driftless, Off Grid, and Star Valley Decaf form the backbone of this roaster's flavor profile. Meanwhile, their seasonal blends offer an even wider range of tastes and textures. An always rotating host of excellent single origins rounds out Wonderstate's offering and produces constant delight for us. From rock solid blends to adventurous single origins, you won't regret giving this intrepid roaster a try.

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