Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine

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  • – Classic Semi-automatic Espresso Machine
  • – Polished Stainless Steel Case
  • – Hand-built in Milan, Italy
  • – Heat-Exchanger
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Who says you need counter space for serious coffee? Rocket's newest machine brings their outstanding handcrafted quality to the urban dweller with the aptly named Appartamento Espresso Machine. Featuring Rocket's tried-and-true heat exchange boiler and E61 group head pairing, you'll be pulling shots and pouring lattes in polished style. Classic features like mechanical pre-infusion, a heated group head and articulated steam and hot water wands make it a true prosumer device. Rocket's new pint-size compatriot adds a flash of bold design inspiration with circular side-panel inserts and engraved steam and hot water spouts.

Features and Functionality

  • Rocket Design - A flashy update to Rocket's (already showstopping) design, the Appartamento will draw stares from everyone who enters your kitchen.
  • Heat Exchange Boiler - A 1.8-liter heat exchange steam boiler allows you to brew espresso and froth milk at the same time.
  • Heated Group Head - A small flow of water off the boiler keeps your machine's group head warm for more consistent shot temps.
  • Small Footprint - The reduced dimensions of the Appartamento suit it for small counters and space-restricted kitchens.
  • Manual Control - Learn to brew all on your own with mechanical steam and brew controls.
  • Two Year Warranty - We're proud to offer two years of parts and labor support for every Rocket machine purchase.
  • Quite a Looker - The combo of mirrored steel and fun side-panel cutouts give the Appartamento a distinctly vintage appearance.
  • Heated Brew Head - Consistently hot shots in a machine this size? Yes, please.
  • So Simple - The classic Rocket Espresso knobs, levers and switches are easy to use and satisfyingly tactile.
  • Portafilters - The Appartamento comes with spouted portafilters for both single and double shot use cases.
  • Loud Pump - The vibratory pump is just as loud as on its larger brethren. We doubt apartment neighbors will appreciate the early morning wall shaking.
  • Plastic Rack - We wish the cup warmer rack was steel instead of plastic.
How Does it Compare?

The successor to the Cellini Classic, the Appartamento is thinner and flashier with its contrast side panels and engraved piping. Unlike the slightly pricier Premium Plus, the Appartamento lacks a PID.

Tips and Tricks

The Appartamento's boiler heats up the whole machine, especially after extended use. If you are used to bracing the side of the machine when removing your portafilter, the lower half of the machine is much cooler than the top.


Model Number Appartamento
Manufacturer Rocket Espresso
Width 10.5 inches
Depth 17 inches
Height 14.25 inches
Watts 1300 W
Volts 120V
Programmability No
Case Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Material Brass/Copper
Cup Clearance 3.5 inches
Boiler Volume 1.8 L
Reservoir Size 2.25 L
Solenoid Valve Yes
Cup Warmer Yes
Portafilter Size 58mm
Available Portafilters Bottomless, Non-Pressurized
Warm Up: Steam Time 15 minutes
Boiler Design Heat Exchanger
NSF Certified No
Pod Friendly No
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Auto Shut Off No
Auto On No
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes
Material Stainless Steel


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How long is the Rocket Appartamento expected to last with proper use and care? Is it a 5, 10 0r 15+ year product?
William M on Aug 26, 2016
Best Answer: Machines built this way with quality materials (heavy-duty stainless-steel, copper, brass, etc.) are in the "prosumer" class of espresso machines. And most are HEAVY (which is a clue that they ARE prosumer-class). Consequently, you CAN expect them to last "15+" years if you care for them and do the regular/simple maintenance on them as per the Owner's Manual. For example, another prosumer-calss espresso machine -- the Rancilio Silvia (even though a SBDU machine and not a HX like this Rocket) -- has been around a LONG time and there are people still using v.1 Silvias (v.4 is the current one, IIRC). Although I own/use a different brand of espresso machine (Vibiemme Domobar Super HX), it's also prosumer-class, so as already mentioned ANY of the brands in this prosumer class -- and Rocket is one of the Major Players here -- will last "15+" years.

In reality, however, what is likely to happen is very few people will ever find that out as they likely will experience "upgraditis" at some point (and for whatever reason) WAY before then and will have sold or given-away the machine long before it's "expiration date" -- and who really knows when that would be: Some people have bought old commercial-class Italian espresso machines (which usually have multiple E61 group-heads) from the 60s/70s and restore them to as-new condition. So no need to worry about longevity with a prosumer-class espresso machine (or the same re: grinders)!

So if anyone is worried about a prosumer machine not lastind a LONG time, don;t be. It' sonly the "appliance class" machiens that don't have this kind of durability built into them, as they use deifferent mateirals and manufacturing processing vs. prosumer machines...which are usually Made in Italy and pretty much by hand. Look for that video entitles "The Rocket Story" to get an overview how prosumer Italian espresso machines are made -- pretty much ALL the Italian brand machine are made th same way: IN small factories, and msotly bu hand.
Reply · Report · BillRedding on Feb 5, 2017
What is the real world "downsides" of not having a PID on this machine?

I would be the only one using it, I seldom steam milk/soy and I make 1-2 per day. I have a PID on my Crossland CC1 but am looking to a Rocket some time later this year.

Just wondering about the lack of PID and trying to figure out if my use case, and the volume I would make of espresso, would not affect me much or at all?

A shopper on May 16, 2016
Best Answer: Because this is a heat exchanger machine a PID is not really necessary. All that is required is adequate warm up time (about 20 to 30 minutes) and you will want to do a brief flush through the brew head just prior to placing your portafilter and pulling your shot. I hope that helps. Victor
Reply · Report · SCG SStaff on May 21, 2016
What is the depth of the base of the Rocket Appartamento? In other words does the 17 inch figure include the handle on the portafilter or is that the depth of the base to the front of the drop tray? If it includes the portafilter, what is the depth to the front of the drop tray?
Mike H on May 18, 2016
Best Answer: The 17" figure doesn't include the portafilter handle. It's 17" from the back of the machine to the front of the drip tray.
Reply · Report · Greg I on Oct 26, 2016
I currently have a Breville smart grinder. Would this be sufficient to use with the Rocket until I upgrade to better grinder later down the road?
Dan M on Nov 20, 2016
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Breville Smart Grinder
Breville Smart Grinder
Best Answer: Yep! a smart grinder will definitely go fine enough for a Rocket. Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Nov 24, 2016
Will you recommend leaving the Appartamento ON the entire day and night (like over the weekend) or turning it ON/OFF after each morning/lunch/afternoon/evening use?
Emmanuelle P on Sep 24, 2016
Best Answer: I know that many of our customers will turn on their machines at night and turn them off when they leave for work in the morning! We haven't (yet, thanks for the idea!) done any long term testing with leaving a machine on for long periods of time.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Oct 3, 2016
Does the machine really require a 20-30 min warm up time?
A shopper on May 28, 2016
Best Answer: i just pulled a shot after a 20 minute warm-up and it was enough time. I usually turn it on first thing when I wake up for morning espresso. In the evening, I turn it on before dinner and it is all warmed up and ready to go after my meal.
Reply · Report · David R on Jun 6, 2016
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Why SCG feels that Rocket Appartamento is better machine than Oscar 2, though most of the features are the same?
Nitin S on Jul 22, 2016
Best Answer: Fit and finish on the Appartamento is better throughout than on the Oscar II. For me, it's the little things like excess plastic, exposed screw holes, and mixed finishes that detract from the Oscar II.

That said, they are very different machines, and have some key differences that should be considered:
The Oscar II is a time-based automatic machine, the Appartamento is a classic semi-automatic.
Steam pressure is higher on the Oscar II, and uses a featherable steam lever instead of the Appartamento's knob.
The steam wand on the Appartamento is insulated (less scalded milk to clean up), the Oscar's wand is not.
Drip tray is bigger on the Oscar II, but plastic and wire instead of stainless steel.
The Oscar II has more cup clearance.
The Appartamento has a dedicated hot water wand.
The Appartamento comes with more accessories (2x portafilters, blind basket, tamper) and since it has an E61 group, can accept common aftermarket accessories like a brewhead thermometer, bottomless and triple portafilters etc.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 7, 2016
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Hi which would you buy the Giotto plus PID or the Appartamento? I love the look the the appartamento better, but really its about the machine. Will the PID on the Giottto really make a difference in getting the temp right comparatively?
Cremalover on Nov 6, 2016
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus with PID
Rocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus with PID
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine - Custom Black
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine - Custom Black
Best Answer: I think it is entirely up to your espresso work flow! For light day-to-day home use you likely won't see much of a difference between the two machines.

Where the PID, in my opinion, truly shines is if you like to try different coffees often and want the ability to moderate boiler temperature (and thus brew temperature) to accommodate different roast types, blends or single origin beans.

It's also worth it to point out that with the Premium Plus you also get a gauge for brew pressure, whereas the Appartamento only has a boiler pressure gauge.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Nov 7, 2016
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My current grinder is the Baratza Preciso (with the A–K micro-adjustment gauge.) Will an espresso grind from that be high enough quality for a machine at this level?

Got some great advice in your Portland store this weekend (thank you!), and I'm strongly considering this beautiful machine as my ideal upgrade. I was told to make sure I consider the grinder in the equation though, so the decision is between this, or stepping down to the Appartamento and using the saving for a new grinder. Would appreciate your advice!
Ben W on Feb 14, 2017
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Baratza Preciso Burr Grinder
Baratza Preciso Burr Grinder
Rocket Espresso Cellini Evoluzione Espresso Machine - V2
Rocket Espresso Cellini Evoluzione Espresso Machine - V2
Best Answer: I had a Preciso with my Rancilio Silvia and it worked well. The Preciso worked with Silvia and she was very sensitive to the grind....So i would feel very confident in saying that you could definitely get a good shot with the Preciso, but would be more consistent with a better grinder. I now have a Rocket Evo, but never used it with the Preciso. I paired it with an Anfim Best and now a Mahlkonig K30 Vario. I decided to upgrade my Grinder since it's so essential to a consistently good espresso. If it were me....I'd go with the Apartmento and a better Grinder unless you want to plumb it in....Then you would need the Evo and could upgrade the grinder at a later date. Also note the Preciso has lots of plastic and is not very durable. I broke the Micro ring, but was fortunate to have it replaced under warranty. You get what you pay for.
Reply · Report · Joseph D on Feb 17, 2017
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Hi, How reliable is the Appartamento? Have many people had issues which required repairs? What sort of things which require repair may go wrong ?
Alan S on May 28, 2017
Best Answer: We've had our Appartamento for over 1 year and we haven't had any issues with it yet. We use it 3-5 times a week and no troubles yet.
Reply · Report · Jose G on May 30, 2017
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What are the differences between V2 and Apartamento? Is there any tech differences or is it only the size?
A shopper on Aug 21, 2016
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Cellini Evoluzione Espresso Machine - V2
Rocket Espresso Cellini Evoluzione Espresso Machine - V2
Best Answer: The V2 has a rotary, rather than a vibratory pump, which makes it quieter and allows it to be connected directly to the water line for continuous automatic filling, If you do this, there is no need to ever refill the tank. It's also better insulated, has a pre-infusion system that brings the pressure up in two stages for improved brewing, and has an additional pressure gauge that tells you when the boiler is fully up to temperature.
Reply · Report · Laurence H on Aug 22, 2016
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Is the pid the only difference in this and the apartmento? Are there other differences inside?
warren c on Apr 21, 2017
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Type V Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Type V Espresso Machine
Best Answer: Yep! A decent number of differences actually, the Mozzafiato:

Uses an SSR (solid-state relay) instead of a pressurestat to regulate heat (part of the PID controller layout, no pstat 'clicking' sounds)

The boiler is 'wrapped' (insulated)

Has a group pressure gauge on the front left of the machine

The cup rails are built in and metal (Appartamento currently only has plastic)
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Apr 26, 2017
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Do you know how many drink per hour this can pull?
Jack H on Jun 11, 2017
Best Answer: As many as your capable of pulling, while steaming during each shot. I haven't been able to out pace this machine, if you aren't pulling water from boiler for an americano, it can easily keep up. Haven't done over a solid hour, but continuously pulled shots through entire 12oz hopper on my grinder. I love this machine!
Reply · Report · Tim D on Jun 14, 2017
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How does the apartmento weighs ??
A shopper on Aug 27, 2016
Best Answer: Right around 45 pounds.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Aug 29, 2016
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Please, what are the actual dimensions of the apartmento by rocket? I have the Classico, and by luck it fits with 1 inch to spare in my kitchen! All by fortuitous chance. I'd like to know the actual size differences. Thanks!
A shopper on Aug 11, 2016
Best Answer: Hello!

Measurements on the Appartamento product page are off of a real machine! Which dimensions are you looking for specifically? I'd be more than happy to confirm any measurement you need.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Aug 15, 2016
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Is there a way to adjust boiler temperature on this machine so the steam pressure is a little higher than the 1 on the pressure dial?
A shopper on May 6, 2017
Best Answer: Yep! All you have to do is take the top of the case off and adjust the pstat with a flathead screwdriver.

However, increasing your boiler pressure will also increase your brew temperature, so you'll have to find the right balance for your preferences.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on May 8, 2017
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What does the gauge do on the Appartamento?

What gauges are missing on the Appartamento compared to the other Rocket espresso machines?

How important are the missing gauges?
A shopper on May 2, 2017
Best Answer: The Appartamento's gauge is for boiler pressure! Other Rocket machines add a gauge for brew pressure, which can be helpful for dialing in your shots. I find in practice I only glance at the boiler pressure gauge to see if the machine is up to temp, and I don't use the brew pressure gauge at all. I'd say its definitely nice, but not necessary for delicious shots.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on May 8, 2017
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Trying to choose between the Breville Dual boiler and Rocket Appartamento, what are the top three differences I should be thinking about when making a choice? I see warmup time, the forgiveness of pressurized baskets, and product lifetime, but would like your thoughts. For the past seven years I've been using a Sirena (now beginning to leak)
John M on May 1, 2017
Best Answer: Hello! If you want to go feature-for-feature, you'd be in for a lot of analysis! Instead, I'd think on what 'style' of home barista you are.

The Rocket Appartamento is about as classic as you can get in a semi-automatic machine. The electronics are minimal and brewing espresso is a very hands-on process. You'll have to learn your little machine's quirks and preferences, and find a workflow that fits you. The machine is beautiful, Italian and handmade, but not exactly 'cutting-edge' brew technology.

The Breville Dual Boiler is an entirely different type of machine. It's new technology in spades, and takes a lot of the learning curve out of home espresso. Its automatic, very temp stable, and full of never-ending little features that aim to save time and effort.

As an upgrade from the Sirena, you really can't go wrong. but in short:

Pick the Appartamento if you're looking for that bespoke espresso experience.
Pick the Dual Boiler if you're technologically inclined or after low-effort lattes.

The Appartamento will have better steam pressure, and is sturdier, simpler, and more easily repairable than the BDB. Tradeoff: temperature swings you'll have to manually account for (do some research on flush-and-go or water dance techniques for HX machines)

The BDB is incredibly temp stable with separate PID-controlled boilers and an electronically heated group. Tradeoff: build quality is not as good, and you'll have less steam power for back-to-back milk drinks.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on May 1, 2017
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Hey guys - what if any downside due to non insulated boiler? Shots are pretty consistent, right? Thanks
A shopper on Mar 16, 2017
Best Answer: Hello!

There will be very little difference for shot-to-shot consistency.

Insulation is much more important for large-boiler commercial machines, which take more power to heat and are rarely turned off (and tend to put off more heat into their environment). For a small home machine like this little guy, the insulation isn't likely to make much difference.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Mar 17, 2017
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what is descaling procedure/frequency?
glenn r on Mar 6, 2017
Best Answer: By manufacturer recommendation, we do not recommend home descaling of Rocket Machines. Instead, we'd recommend using filtered or bottled water.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Mar 8, 2017
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does this machine plug into a standard outlet?
A shopper on Jan 14, 2017
Best Answer: Yep! A regular 110V plug.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Jan 15, 2017
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Where is the Rocket Espresso Appartmento manufactured? I couldn't find it in the specs or their website for that matter.
A shopper on Oct 26, 2016
Best Answer: All Rocket espresso machines, including the Appartamento, are hand-built in Italy!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Oct 28, 2016
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How close to a wall can I place the machine?
A shopper on Oct 8, 2017
Best Answer: I have one of these machines. There is nothing protruding from the back, nor is there any ventilation or the like. Other than the fact that the machine gets warm, you should be a able to put it fairly close to the wall. I have mine about 4 inches from the wall, but that is just because I want it closer to the edge of the counter.
Reply · Report · Susan C on Oct 9, 2017
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Suffering from serious chrome-love with the Appartamento. But a question about grind: We buy our favorite, bricks of Lavazza Rossi, would that work OK in this machine?
A shopper on Nov 28, 2016
Best Answer: I wouldn't recommend using pre ground coffee with a machine like this - it's impossible to know if the extraction time will be correct. Expect to spend at least $300 or more on a nice grinder - some say that a nice grinder is more important than the machine (check out the $1k Rocket grinder).

Let's compare it to buying a home stereo. It would be stupid to buy really nice speakers and then hook a tape deck into it. Buying freshly roasted coffee with a nice grinder is essential to getting the most out of this machine.

Search "How To: Dialing in a Coffee Grinder" on youtube for a Seattle Coffee Gear video on how grinding beans for espresso works.

If you aren't ready to take the plunge and invest around 2k for a machine, then I would recommend an aeropress with freshly ground coffee.
Reply · Report · Brandon S on Dec 1, 2016
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can you tell me dimensions on the aparmento?..Need to measure my space
kris r on Sep 23, 2016
Best Answer: Sure thing!

The Appartamento is 10.5 inches wide, 14.5 inches high and 17 inches deep. With the portafilter in, the depth is 22.5 inches, and you'll need some extra space to get to the water tank, which pulls out from the top of the machine. I'd also recommend adding a couple inches of free space to either side of the machine to make sure you have room to operate the steam and hot water wands.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Sep 27, 2016
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I see that the depth of the machine is 17 inches. Does anyone know the distance between the feet of the unit from front to back? Thanks!
Keil B on Mar 6, 2017
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Cellini Premium Plus with PID
Rocket Espresso Cellini Premium Plus with PID
Best Answer: It's 13-3/8 inches from the frontmost edge of the front foot to the rearmost edge of the back foot. It's 12 inches from the center of the front foot to the center of the back foot.
Reply · Report · Gregory R on Mar 8, 2017
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In these machine you can regulate the boiler pressure???
Benja on Oct 30, 2016
Best Answer: The Appartamento only has one pressure gauge. It is for the boiler, and goes up to 1 bar when the temperature is sufficient to make espresso. There is no pump pressure gauge to determine if the pressure is 9 bars for proper brewing. I think the pump pressure is set at the factory.
Reply · Report · Diana L on Nov 1, 2016
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What brand of coffee grinder would be best to get for Rocket appartamento espresso machine? Aside from the rocket coffee grinders since they are very expensive.
A shopper on Oct 24, 2016
Best Answer: Many of our customers pair their Rocket with a Eureka Mignon Grinder! It has a small footprint, timed dosing, great espresso distribution, stepless bottom burr adjust (great for cleaning), and the polished version matches the case of a Rocket fantastically.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Oct 25, 2016
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Rocket recently released the metal cup warmer rail. Will you guys be offering this?
Christian P on Aug 12, 2017
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Do you have any maintenance training videos?
A shopper on May 18, 2017
Best Answer: None yet dedicated to the Appartamento, but these will work just as well!


Steam wand maintenance:

And eventually (not for a long while) you'll change the brew gasket and screen:
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on May 22, 2017
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Does this come with a tamper?
A shopper on May 4, 2017
Best Answer: Yep! It's not bad either, cast aluminum instead of plastic like many other free tampers.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on May 8, 2017
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How much room is there between the drip tray and the Portafilter? Would a regular sized mug fit to catch the espresso shots?

Does the Portafilter fit with the Breville smart grinder attachments?
A shopper on Apr 24, 2017
Best Answer: Hello!

Cup clearance below the spouted portafilters is right around 3.5 inches. You can squeeze a cappuccino cup there, but probably not a regular coffee mug.

And yes! The portafilter will fit the 58mm holder on the Smart Grinder Pro.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Apr 26, 2017
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Is it fine to flush through the brew head with the portafilter, or only the brew head?, I have a Pavoni Euripocola and use to flush the brew head together with the portafilter to have all parts at similar temp. What is the right procedure for this machine?
A shopper on Mar 24, 2017
Best Answer: No problem flushing through the portafilter! Although unlike a La Pav, the E61 group is heated from the HX boiler, and will maintain its own temp.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Mar 27, 2017
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is it normal that my Appartmento does nothing when the lever was lifted to the pre-infusion position? No water or bubbling at all.
A shopper on Mar 18, 2017
Best Answer: The Appartamento's pre-infusion is just passive pressure in the water system. It works best with a full reservoir and at temp. I can open up the valve on our office machine to the halfway point and I get a decent drip going.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Mar 20, 2017
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What is best water for this unit? I see Gail uses a Brita...just received unit and dont want to get into any bad habits...and want to lessen scaling if possible
A shopper on Mar 15, 2017
Best Answer: A Brita filter is a great option, especially since replacement filters are easily available and many people already have them!

We also have Rocket water filters that go directly into the reservoir if you don't have a Brita:

It's best to used filtered or bottled water in your machine to keep scale buildup low. That said, avoid RO (reverse osmosis) or distilled water, which lack the required minerals to pull a tasty shot, and may not play nice with the Appartamento's water sensor.
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Mar 17, 2017
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I currently have a Rancilio Rocky grinder. Would this be sufficient to use with the Rocket apartamento?
Samir on Feb 25, 2017
Best Answer: Yep! A rocky would work fine with an Appartamento
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Feb 27, 2017
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What are the interior measurements of the cup tray? I'm wondering how many Acme Cappuccino cups would comfortably fit on top.
Ethan S on Feb 11, 2017
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine
Acme Cappuccino Cup
Acme Cappuccino Cup
Best Answer: 10'' W x 6'' D, or ~4 cappuccino cups comfortably
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Feb 21, 2017
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is it easy to remove the water reservoir from the rocket appartamento?
A shopper on Jan 29, 2017
Best Answer: Yep! It's as simple removing the top lid and pulling the water tank up and out! The connector is at the bottom of the tank with a seal, so you don't even need to remove a water line first.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Jan 29, 2017
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Is there a way to insulate the boiler ourselves to reduce noise?
A shopper on Jan 9, 2017
Best Answer: The boiler itself doesn't make much, if any noise. What you're hearing is the vibratory pump, which is already pretty insulated by the steel case. There really isn't much in the way you can do about the sound of a vibe pump, which is pretty standard across most espresso machines. If you're worried about noise, I'd recommend a roatary pump driven machine like the R58.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Jan 14, 2017
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We have very hard water where we live, is there a option for a filter??!
A shopper on Dec 29, 2016
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Jan 6, 2017
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Some reviews have said this is a loud machine. How does it compare to the Cellini or Giotto?
A shopper on Dec 24, 2016
Best Answer: Same sound level as the Premium Plus line, but all three will be louder than the Evoluzione and R58/R60 (which have rotary pumps)

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Jan 15, 2017
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I just bought a Rocket Appartamento. I am now looking for the right grinder. My budget is $500.00. I will mostly use it for the Rocket (espresso). Any suggestions?
Dan151 on Dec 17, 2016
Best Answer: Many people choose the Eureka Mignon to pair with their Rocket machine! In particular, the polished housing looks fantastic next to the Appartamento.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 19, 2016
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How hot do the side of the machine get? Gail mentioned in a vid that the sides get hot and to be careful.
A shopper on Dec 17, 2016
Best Answer: The sides of the Appartamento get warm, (maybe ~100 degrees) but definitely not hot enough to burn you. You will want to be careful around the group head though, as the E61 is heated from the steam boiler and definitely gets hot enough to burn.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 19, 2016
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What is the height of the Appartamento with out the cup holder railing?
Parker F on Dec 15, 2016
Best Answer: 13.25 inches! Hope this helps
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 19, 2016
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Does this machine has a E61 brew head?
A shopper on Dec 7, 2016
Best Answer: Yep! The E61 brewhead can be identified by the 'flying saucer' shape at the front of the machine. It's designed to siphon hot water from the boiler to maintain consistent heat—and helps you pull a tastier shot!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 7, 2016
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How long do I need to wait for machine to reaches 1 bar? I have been waiting for 20min already.
Chiyan W on Dec 6, 2016
Best Answer: Rocket's heat exchanger espresso machines are calibrated at the factory by measuring water temperature at the brewhead. Each pressure stat will be set a little differently machine-to-machine for proper brewing temp. We've found that the Appartamento tends to calibrate a little lower on the spectrum, ~0.9 bars, than other machines.

We generally recommend waiting ~30 minutes for a machine to come to temp, but you're likely pretty much ready to go at the 20-minute mark after a flush.

Hope this helps!
Reply (1) · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 9, 2016
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Does this machine have an auto turn-off feature if the boiler is empty? Seems like it should but there's no info on that feature.
Ike582 on Nov 25, 2016
Best Answer: Not an auto off, but the control board will sense low water and stop the machine from heating! The green power light will flash until you refill.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Nov 25, 2016
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does this one take ESE pods? or a pod adapter or a pod basket/filter? thanks for the great videos!! Michael
A shopper on Nov 25, 2016
Best Answer: Sorry! The Appartamento doesn't work with ESE pods.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Nov 25, 2016
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Is the cup frame on top removable?
Parker F on Nov 10, 2016
Best Answer: Yep!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Dec 1, 2016
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Is there a metal cup holder bracket available ?
Scott M on Nov 6, 2016
Best Answer: Not yet! Stay tuned
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Nov 7, 2016
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Can I use pods with this machine?
A shopper on Sep 21, 2016
Best Answer: Sorry! Rocket Espresso Machines do not have any pressurized portafilter baskets, which is required for ESE pod use. Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Sep 21, 2016
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What is the drip tray capacity?
Guest S on Jul 9, 2016
Best Answer: I just measured, technically it's 800 mL. I say technically because you'll definitely spill it (like I did) walking it over to the sink. I'd recommend emptying it more often than that.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Jul 14, 2016
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Really like this machineReview by Randy Abernethy
Got this machine for my boat (replacing a La Pavoni) because it was the smallest thing I could find that would still be great. Coming from a Slayer Single Group at home I was worried that it might not measure up. However, I love it. The Apartmento is simple and perfect. Plug it in, add water, turn it on, make great shots. Makes delicious espresso, is easy to use and looks beautiful. It is really well made, very solid. Kinda big for a boat but worth the space it takes up for me. I got mine with the stainless rack rail and would agree that the plastic one has got to go.

You have to watch the pressure when running hot water, which can take it down enough that you'll need to wait several seconds to get back into the green for shots. The only bad shot I have pulled was made right after I filled up a tea cup without waiting a bit.

Did I say I love this thing? I love this thing. The reservoir holds plenty of water and is easy to fill. The mag drip tray is awesome and easy to clean. The machine gets nice and warm for cups (for me it is not too hot at all). Steams milk great. Comes with the best, most straight forward and correct espresso pulling instructions I've ever run across (a useful espresso machine manual? what?). The whole machine is easy to clean and flush.

Saw a question about turning it on and off. I turn it on when I'm going to use it and turn it off when I'm not using it. It heats up pretty fast and from a cold start is ready to pull shots in maybe 15-20 minutes. No reason to leave it on as far as I can tell.

The pump is a little loud but not outrageously so (doubt you will get hate mail from the neighbors in an apartment, especially if you don't leave it on all the time).

Like others here I am using the Eureka Mignon grinder, which I have been very impressed with. I have a commercial grinder at home and the Mignon holds its own just fine and is way smaller and easier to use/setup (I just set it to manual, dial in the grind for new beans on the first shot or three and done). A great companion for the Apartmento.

I looked around a while before selecting the Apartmento and I fully believe, now that I have had it for a while, that it is one of, if not the best thing out there, for even twice the price. To do better (unless you just need more capacity) I think you would need to go to a profiling/prebrew machine. I can get more variety from a bean with the Slayer but I have no complaints about the Apartmento. I love it. (Posted on 9/26/2017)
Excellent machineReview by David
I had a Rancilio Silvia V2 for ~9 years and wanted to move up, plus I was tired of temperature surfing to make cappuccino. I am very happy with this machine after 1 month of use. It did take a little while to dial in the grind on my Ascaso i-Mini (old version) but once I got it then it was off to drinking espressos and other drinks. The steam wand is extremely powerful compared to the Silvia. I like the Frankenstein look of the machine, versus sleek ones, and manual controls. I'm tired of programming stuff. (Posted on 7/26/2017)
Oooooooooooo.................................Sweet!Review by Keith
I've wanted a Rocket for years but they wouldn't fit my space until.........Appartamento! Looks so cool in the kitchen and believe me this is a real machine. Hand built Italian. Function is flawless and my espresso drinks are beyond great. I bought the white side circle version and the only detractor is when I'm staring at it I sometimes want to get out the florescent permanent markers and go to town on those circles with some crazy art! (Posted on 6/25/2017)
Great machine in a compact packageReview by Marko
This machine has what you need to make great espresso drinks... Great components, a sizable boiler, plenty of steam power, and in an eye-catching unit that's slightly smaller than peers... Only gripe is the cheap plastic cup rail, hence 4 stars...c'mon Rocket!

Only one pressure gauge (boiler), but I rarely refer to it, once the machine has gone through about 20-30 min warmup. Don't forget to flush the grouphead for several seconds before extracting, to bring the temp to a more reasonable range, otherwise, too hot...

SCG just raised the price 3% ($50), not sure why? Popularity? Hence lost a value star.

Be sure to pair this beauty with a quality grinder, you'll be very pleased....

Grazie, SCG!

(Posted on 5/2/2017)
This is one rockin' espresso machine!Review by Chuggs
Value I selected this machine based on price, looks, quality,...oh no never mind. Anyway...this machine has really improved my outlook on life. There's nothing quite like waking up to an espresso machine in your own kitchen that is this capable of producing excellent espressos...time after time. No more standing in line...and hoping that the coffee is fresh and properly prepared. I purchased this machine along with the Baratza Sette grinder. The duo is awesome. I pull shot after shot of delicious espresso using locally roasted beans by Oceana Coffee Roasters just two miles away from my house. The combination is mind blowing.

I know it doesn't have an insulated boiler...but hey --- I kinda like my cups to be warm when I wake up. It's not like I'm leaving this thing powered up all day. I set it to turn on 30 minutes before I get out of bed...and it's all stable ready to go...and my cups are warm. Wrap the boiler with insulation...and how warm are my cups going to be in such a short period of time??? (Posted on 3/14/2017)
You're gonna have to practice...Review by itsGREGSWORLD
I've had this beautiful work of art espresso machine for three months now. That has given me ample time to really work with it. I have wasted a few pounds of coffee. I am certain of this.
First off, this machine is solid. It is beautiful. Easily the most attractive thing in my house (other than the girlfriend.) I agree with Gail about the cheap plastic cup rail on top. I snapped it within the first few weeks while trying to get the water container out of the back. After supergluing it, I quit removing it and just filled with a pitcher. I have also written Rocket about it. They still have no date to make a legitimate replacement.
Secondly, it took me FOREVER to finally dial in a shot. I am using the super cool Breville grinder. I think this thing has like 200 plus grind settings. I ended up using 14 to get the best pour (with original burr placement).
Third, I think my machine is too hot. The Appartamento is the only machine from Rocket that cannot be temperature adjusted. If my grind is off, or I accidentally tamp too hard, I get burnt coffee. I haven't tested the temp of the head, but I can assure you, having owned other machines, this one is too hot. That leads me to the final issue. The steam wand.
I watched Gail steam her milk maybe 30 times in the first few weeks after I received my Appartamento. Ultimately, I figured out that Gail had a machine that wasn't as hot as mine. And perhaps even with less pressure. My steaming method took THREE months to perfect, and I still feel as though it requires me to get too violent with the milk. The pressure and temperature are extreme. I find myself nearly freezing my milk before frothing, just to give me an extra second before it scalds. This steam wand is a nightmare. Google it. Others feel the same. Sure, there is a technique. But after three months, I should be seeing some success.
In closing, I am happy I bought the machine, and use it every day. However, you had better be ready for a learning curve and a steep one at that. You are getting a super powerful machine that is both magnificent to look at and considerably difficult to master. (Posted on 3/2/2017)
Love it!Review by Walter
I have had the machine for a few weeks now and love it. I did a ton of research before down-selecting Rocket. I live in small house, the Apartmento was my best choice. It makes excellent coffee and looks amazing to boot. (Posted on 11/23/2016)
Received my Appartamento last week and love it.Review by My New Toy
Since 1990, I have loved espresso drinks. People would laugh, but I started with a Krups espresso/coffee machine. I moved onto a Saeco machine which wore out. I have been going to the Portland store for the last few years.
When the Appartamento was released via the web, I feel in love.

This machine does everyone one would want. I have it paired with a Eureka Mignon grinder.

I now just need to practice my milk frothing in order to create latte art in my drinks.

One thing I would say, make sure you have the room for this machine in your kitchen. It is big even though it has a small footprint. (Posted on 9/27/2016)
Buy it!Review by Hoppity Hop Espresso
The Rocket Espresso Appartamento is my first espresso machine. I've been using this machine for about a week now, and I love it so far. I think it's the best looking machine in Rocket's lineup. I had some reservations about buying a machine without a PID or insulated boiler, but I'm glad I bought this machine since it makes great espresso, especially with the Velton's Bonsai Blend that SCG included with my order. For light home use, I don't think you can find a better HX machine for the price.

Expect for your first few shots to be horrible until you get the grind right. I'm using a Compak K3 grinder with this machine, and I had to make several adjustments before I started pulling good tasting shots. As SCG pointed out, this machine is loud, which is why I gave it four stars instead of five for quality. It sounds like a small air compressor, so expect this when you turn on the machine for the first time while the boiler fills with water. However, after the boiler fills up completely, it only makes noise for a couple seconds when you first turn it on and when you are pulling shots. Other than that, everything else is great. This machine has plenty of steam power too. It can easily froth a pitcher of milk while you are pulling a shot, but whether or not you can do that with great results takes practice. Frothing milk for latte art is difficult until you master it. I don't blame the machine for this: You just have to practice getting the microfoam just right. I expect this will take me a few more months to perfect. (Posted on 7/31/2016)
Looks wonderfulReview by JCS
Rocket upped their game with this one. My only suggestion for improvement is to add 25 cents worth of insulation to the boiler to keep the machine at a more desirable temperature. Two thumbs up overall. (Posted on 6/14/2016)

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