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Rocket Espresso Faustino 3.1 Espresso Grinder

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As low as $800
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Big on features but small in stature, the Rocket Espresso Faustino 3.1 Espresso Grinder is sized just-right for your kitchen counter. The Faustino's compact form factor and short under-cabinet height makes it the perfect pair with Rocket Espresso's home machines—while still offering the grind quality for excellent home espresso. The Faustino begins with outsized furniture that belie its compact casing; a large textured grind adjust dial, thick portafilter rest, and capacious bean hopper offer excellent ergonomics. Internally, a sound-insulated case, stepless 50mm flat burrset, and shaped dosing cone ensure clean, consistent portafilter fills. Controls are set in a touch-sensitive button-pad that allows for 3 dosing options or continuous grinding modes. The Faustino is offered in matching chrome, contrast black, or special edition Appartamento copper or white finishes.

Note: Your Faustino may need to be adjusted out of the box for your ideal espresso range. To adjust range finer, set grinder as fine as possible, then loosen set screw using a small flathead screwdriver, reset grind knob to middle of the range, then retighten set screw.

  • Skill Level

    Beginner: Stepped grind adjustments and simple controls help anyone get grinding.

    Intermediate: Grinders offering accurate grind controls and programmable dosing for daily coffee drinkers.

    Expert: Stepless grind adjustments and pro-barista features make these the top of the line in coffee grinding.

  • Programming

    Manual: Manually grind your just-right dose.

    Timed: Set a grind time for automatic dosing.

    Programmable: Program multiple grind times for extra drink options.

    By Weight: A built-in scale weighs coffee as it grinds for a perfect dose.

  • Grinder Type

    Espresso: Designed for precision grinds at fine settings just for espresso.

    Coffee: Consistent at coarser grind settings for slow brew coffee methods (no unpressurized espresso baskets).

    Espresso and Coffee: Capable of consistent grinding in both espresso and slow brew ranges.

  • Grind Settings

    Stepped: Notched, labeled settings for easy adjustability and repeatability.

    Stepless: Precision stepless adjustment allows for micro-changes to grind size.

  • Premium Espresso Grinder: Designed to pair well with Rocket Espresso's machine lineup, the Faustino features premium finishes and complementary color schemes.
  • Single Revolution Stepless: The Faustino offers a single revolution, stepless grind adjust for dialing in.
  • Programmable Dosing: Program up to 3 distinct doses, or grind in continuous mode using the touch-sensitive control pad.
  • 50mm Flat Burrs: Hardened steel flat burrs make short work of grinding coffee.
  • Made in Italy: Rocket Espresso Grinders are all built by hand in Italy.
  • Color Options: Available in black, chrome, or Appartamento-style white or copper cutouts.

About Rocket Espresso

Rocket Espresso produces hand built espresso machines featuring classic elements of Italian design. With heated E61 groupheads that ensure even extraction, to elements like rotary pumps and PID controllers, Rocket Espresso machines are some of the most sophisticated on the market. These machines represent the closest you can get to bringing the Italian cafe to your countertop.

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  • Manufacturer
    Rocket Espresso
  • Skill Level
  • Model Number
  • Volts
  • Bean Hopper Capacity
    1.1 Lbs
  • Adjustment Configuration
    Stepless - Single Revolution
  • Grinder Style
    Burr - Flat Steel
  • Burr Diameter
  • Size
  • Material
    Metal and Plastic

Warranty Information

What it Covers: Rocket Espresso home machines and grinders


  • Espresso Machines: 3 years parts and labor
  • Grinders: 1 year parts and labor

Warranty Point of Contact: Seattle Coffee Gear, read more about Seattle Coffee Gear's Warranty coverage.

Contact Information: 866-372-4734 or email us at

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User Manuals

Rocket Fausto and Faustino User Manual

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