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This 9mm replacement gasket runs 1.0mm larger than the original size gasket that comes with Rocket machines, and can be used in an espresso machine with an E61 brew head. If your machine is still brand-new, you may not need a gasket of this size just yet - however we do recommend sizing your gasket up over time. Note that the portafilter will also probably not swing over to the center of the machine until your new gasket has worn down a bit, which may take a couple of months; but, this added tightness will allow you to keep your replacement gasket longer.

Part number C449900229.

The gasket around the brew head should be changed every year or so to ensure a good seal between the portafilter and the brew head during extraction. A major sign that the gasket needs to be replaced is if you notice water leaking over the top of the portafilter during extraction.

Check out our Rocket Tune-Up Kits for a complete kit with everything you'll need in regular replacements.

Please note: Replacing this gasket is part of the normal wear and tear/maintenance of the machine and is not covered by your warranty. Please only purchase this to install if you feel technically skilled enough to do so, as we cannot provide any technical assistance over the phone.

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