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Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

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Product Description

You can't help but think of KITT (if you don't get that reference, you didn't watch enough television in the 80's) when you see the Minuto, but there's a reason for that...It manages to be a superautomatic espresso machine and coffee maker, without sacrificing anything for either option. A clever lever on the adjustable spout allows you to switch pressure settings to provide optimal extraction for both coffee (3 bar) and espresso (15 bar). So, if you oscillate between your love of lattes and drip coffee, the Saeco Minuto is your one-stop shop.

Before you make the final decision, keep in mind color is not the only difference between these versatile machines. If you’re a one-touch kind of person, let the silver Minuto Class automatically froth fresh milk with the cappuccinatore. If you like a little more control, select the black Minuto Focus and effortlessly froth milk with the panarello. Either way, you’re a winner in our book!

Features & Functionality of the Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

  • Dual Pressure System: With the ability to switch brewing pressure at the flip of a switch, the Minuto ensures you get the best coffee or espresso, depending on your preference of the moment.
  • Adjustable Spout: The adjustable spout is the highest we've seen yet, making it the perfect size for a travel mug if you're taking coffee on-the-go.
  • Ceramic Grinder: The ceramic burr grinder guarantees fresh coffee, which is the hallmark of a delicious brew.
  • Programming: You can program the 3 drink options (espresso, coffee and large coffee) for length, allowing you to brew at the push of a button.
  • Dosing Options: Choose from 5 strength settings, creating everything from a mild to a bold brew.
  • Steam & Hot Water: The panarello steam wand allows you to easily steam up some milk for lattes or cappuccinos. If you're in the mood for tea or an Americano, it can also dispense hot water.
  • Two Birds, One Stone - The Minuto stands out with its ability to make both true coffee and true espresso, something other machines haven't quite pulled off yet.
  • Ease of Use - Cheaper than capsule machines but with all of the convenience, the Minuto gives you fresh ground coffee without all the cleanup of traditional coffee makers.
  • Retro - Some people may not be fans of the Knight Rider vibe this espresso machine gives off, but retro is in!
  • Loud - It probably won't wake up the family, but the Minuto is louder than other coffee makers.
  • Adjustable Spout - While the spout does adjust and goes high enough to fit travel mugs, it doesn't quite go as low as we'd like for shot glasses.
  • No Oily Beans - This is still a superautomatic, so the Minuto isn't a fan of super oily beans that can clog the grinder over time.
Ease of Care and Maintenance 5
Ease of Use 5
Overall Value for the Money 4
How Does it Compare? The Saeco Minuto provides the superautomatic espresso functionality of machines like the Xsmall, but also successfully pulls off a coffee preparation. If you're a fan of both drip and espresso, the Minuto can help pare down your kitchen appliances.
Tips and Tricks Ready to program the length settings? Hold down the button for the drink you wish to program until it says "Memo." Let it brew your desired amount and press the drink button again. Ta da!

Additional Information

Model Number Black: HD8775/48 | Silver: HD8772/47
Manufacturer Saeco
Width 8.5 inches
Depth 16.9 inches
Height 13.0 inches
Watts 1400W
Volts 120V
Programmability Yes
Case Material Plastic
Boiler Material Stainless Steel
Reservoir Size 1.8 liters
Cup Warmer No
Warm Up: Brew Time 75 seconds
Warm Up: Steam Time 20 seconds
Boiler Design ThermoBlock
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Auto Shut Off Yes
Auto On No
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes
Bean Hopper Capacity 8.8 ounces
Bypass Doser Yes

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Debating between the Saeco Minuto Focus, and the Syntia Focus. I realize the coffee function on the Minuto differentiates the machine but that would not be a reason for or against the machine (ie. not a priority). Thoughts on which machine to choose?
TNTdot on Dec 26, 2014
Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker
Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker
Saeco Syntia Focus Superautomatic Espresso Machine
Saeco Syntia Focus Superautomatic Espresso Machine
Which machine do you recommend between the saeco intelia and the Minuto?
I'm Italian and I love very short espresso coffee.
Thank you very much!
carroccio on Mar 23, 2014
Best Answer: The Minuto and Intelia brew similar shots, but the advantage to the Minuto is that it offers the ability to pulse the pump during extraction and provide coffee brewing rather than the same extraction you have for espresso shots. If you drink espresso only, then I'd go with the Intelia, but if you want coffee brewing flexibility, then the Minuto would be a better bet. Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Mar 25, 2014
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Is there any way to reduce the pressure it uses for espresso? 15bar seems really high
A shopper on Mar 27, 2015
Best Answer: Yes, this machine does allow you to change the pressure so you can go between coffee and espresso. The lever changes the amount of pressure used when brewing. If you choose espresso then the Minuto will brew using 15 bar of pressure and if you choose coffee then the Minuto will brew using 3 bar. Superautos are usually 15 - 19 bar pressure pumps that will settle down into the 9 BAR of pressure ideal for espresso.
Reply · Report · Randee SStaff on Mar 31, 2015
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Does this also accept ground coffee?
A shopper on Mar 19, 2016
Best Answer: Yes there is a 'bypass port' at the top and a measured scoop so that you can insert one serving's worth of ground coffee and make a cup. The primary hopper though only uses beans, so if your main use is pre-ground coffee, you might find it inconvenient to measure and pour in the grounds for each individual cup.
Reply · Report · Robert D on Mar 28, 2016
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If manually programmed, what is the max volume for a long coffee? I see the factory setting is 220 ml but I was wondering if it could fill a 16oz travel mug without becoming too weak.
tom h on Oct 29, 2015
Best Answer: The maximum amount of water you can draw through per brew cycle is 8 oz. With Saeco machines, you could pull 16 oz. out if you double tapped the brew button so that it will grind and brew twice in a row. However, as that is quite a bit of water to go through the grounds for a single shot per brew cycle, it likely will be quite weak in flavor and taste watered down.
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Dec 9, 2015
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I have the silver Minuto, with the automatic frother. Can I purchase the panarello separately?
Josh M on Oct 25, 2015
Best Answer: Yes, you could put the panarello on the silver version of the Minuto. You can find those panarellos here:
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Dec 9, 2015
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Many people online state the coffee isn't hot enough. Haven't you experienced that?
A shopper on Aug 31, 2015
Best Answer: Superautomatic machines do not make the hottest coffee. It's all about personal preference
Reply · Report · Randee SStaff on Sep 12, 2015
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Does this machine have an automatic shutoff? Can it be disabled?
Jon J on Apr 11, 2015
Best Answer: This machine will go into standby mode after time. No, it cannot be disabled.
Reply · Report · Randee SStaff on Apr 11, 2015
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When using an oil cleaning tablet on my Minuto, the instructions say to choose the "espresso" setting and dispense a half cup before turning the power off in the back. But the espresso cycle finishes way before a half cup is dispensed. Seems to me that the tablet then drops and I'm not benefitting from the cleaning during the "power off. Should I just choose the medium coffee setting when using the cleaning tab so the power can be turned off at half cup? Or should I still use the espresso setting but power it off mid cycle?
A shopper on Mar 9, 2015
Best Answer: Using the medium coffee is definitely fine. The intention of turning off the machine when it is mid-cycle is to allow the detergent to soak the brew unit a bit more, in the compressed state, before it dumps the tablet remains into the dump box. It really doesn't matter which button you use, so long as within an ounce or two of it pulling through the spouts, you're then turning off the machine.
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Mar 9, 2015
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Can I use almond milk in the minuto super automatic cappuccino and espresso model?
A shopper on Jan 21, 2015
Best Answer: Yes, you can steam and froth whatever kind of milk you'd like with the steam wand. Just keep in mind, because this machine uses a panarello, you won't have control over the amount of froth you get with it, and that amount of froth will vary depending on the kind of milk that you use. Using an alternate milk like almond milk won't froth quite as nicely as standard milk, and you will get larger bubbles that will break easier, but you can steam it to whatever temperature you need!
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Jan 21, 2015
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Can I put coarsely ground coffee to be finely grinded in the grinder part or only in the bypass doser?
rob f on Jan 11, 2015
Best Answer: No, unfortunately, you should not put already ground coffee into the grinder, no matter how fine or coarsely it is ground. You can certainly try to put the ground coffee into the bypass doser, but it will not be ground any finer. If the coffee is too coarse of a grind setting, the machine may not be able to compact it properly, and may just discard the grounds into the dump box without trying to brew through it.
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Jan 13, 2015
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How big is the water reservoir?
A shopper on Dec 22, 2014
Best Answer: The water tank on the Minuto is 1.8 liters, or 60 ounces.
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Dec 22, 2014
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Can you use pre ground coffee in this machine? Sometimes I like decaf so is there a bypass?
Winechill on Aug 29, 2014
Best Answer: Yes, the Saeco Minuto has a bypass doser.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Aug 30, 2014
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How does the silver model frother differ? Looks like you have to stick something in a milk carton? I like cappaccino and take a small drip thermos for work so this could be my perfect choice. Thanks.
A shopper on May 24, 2014
Best Answer: The Black Minuto offers a basic panarello for standard milk frothing. With this model, you will need to place your milk into a frothing pitcher and hold the pitcher under the panarello until the desired level of froth and temperature are achieved. The Silver Minuto offers a cappuccinatore for automatic milk frothing. This means that with the silver model you can simply insert the tube into a container of milk and place your mug under the spout. The cappuccinatore pulls up milk and froths it automatically, then dispensing this hot frothed milk into your cup. Either model will make a latte/cappuccino for you on the go, the silver model with cappuccinatore will just be a bit more automatic. Hope this clarifies!
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on May 26, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Can anyone comment on how loud the machine is while grinding and producing coffee compared to other super automatics?
A shopper on May 9, 2014
Best Answer: I don't have another superautomatic to compare it to, but it doesn't seem excessively loud to me. Besides, I know when it's done making it's noise, they'll be a wonderful cup of caffeinated goodness waiting for me...
Reply · Report · Todd T on May 12, 2014
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Since this is such a new product, I'm hesitant to pull the trigger without some feedback from people who have used it... any feedback from your staff? My husband and I put espresso machines through the ringer and drink between 10 and 30 shots a day, so I need something that will really stand up to lots of use. Also considering the Syntia, at a similar price-point, but love the idea of the coffee option. Thank you!
Nora C on Mar 28, 2014
Best Answer: The Saeco Minuto is a very nice machine, but 10-30 shots a day is quite a few, unfortunately, and you will not have a shorter life from this machine. For that volume, I would recommend moving up to a machine like the Saeco Royal One Touch, or even to a Jura machine like the Impressa F7. Both of these machines will be better at handling a larger volume, and the taste of an Americano from them is fairly similar to the coffee feature of this Saeco Minuto. Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Mar 29, 2014
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I have the black Minuto and was wondering if the cappuccinatore on the Intelia will work with it? I like using the pannarello but my husband would rather have it more automatic.
Cheryl C on Feb 9, 2016
Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker
Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker
Saeco Intelia Cappuccinatore Assembly
Saeco Intelia Cappuccinatore Assembly
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Warranty Information for the Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

What it Covers:

Saeco espresso machines, coffee makers and grinders

Length: 1 Year
Who Supports the Warranty: Saeco
Warranty Contact Information: 800-933-7876
Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? Yes (Espresso machines only).
Can SCG Repair? Yes. Read more about our out-of-warranty repair services.

Caring for the Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

  • Descale every two to three months. We recommend using Dezcal.
  • Soap out water tank (if applicable) and drip tray every few days.
  • Remove the brew group and spray it down with hot water (no soap!) about once per week.
  • Wipe the case with a damp rag or sponge.

User Manuals for your Saeco Minuto Automatic Espresso Machine & Coffee Maker

Videos Featuring the Saeco Minuto Espresso Machine

Saeco Minuto Test Mode


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