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Seattle Coffee Gear's Crew

True to our customer-centric mission, our entire crew is focused on helping you navigate the seemingly complex world of home espresso machines. With our knowledgeable, frank advice and excellent service, we are all available to assist you in selecting your machine, learning how to pull a perfect shot of espresso or adding accessories to your existing setup. In addition to serving you, each of us contributes to Seattle Coffee Gear in different ways -- learn more about our HQ employees below. Or read up on our retail staff!

Sales & Customer Support

Sean Dezarn 

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, customer service

Digs: Long boarding, cycling, backpacking

Drinks: Odwalla Superfood

Randee Stever

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, customer service

Digs: Reading, discovering new music, shopping

Drinks: Anything with peppermint, water is always great

Stephanie Arthur

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, customer service

Digs: Sleeping and running

Drinks: Americano

Miranda Godfrey

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, customer service

Digs: Butterfly anything, being a queen of sweets, laughing

Drinks: Chemex brewed by Teri, with frappe powder!

Denise Kennebrew 

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, customer service

Digs: Gardening, day trips, walks

Drinks: Lemon water, coffee

Edgar Salazar-Sanchez 

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, customer service

Digs: Playing sports, hanging out with friends, going out

Drinks: Mojito

Kristopher Ballard

Superpowers: Buying advice, tips & tricks, retail customer service

Digs: Music production, DJ, street art

Drinks: Cappuccino

Our Repair, Warranty Support and Technical Services Team

Bryan Arndt

Superpowers: Excellent espresso machine repair

Digs: Billiards, playing with Henry the dog (arf!) and of course coffee

Drinks: Americano or espresso

Jeff Hangas

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Cycling, photography, hiking

Drinks: Huckleberry milkshake

Brian Fetters

Superpowers: Repair and refurbished services

Digs: Restoring cars, spending time with family, long road trips

Drinks: Chocolatey Mocha

Amanda Howard

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Outdoor adventures, shows, mini road trips

Drinks: Smoothies!

Patrick Crogan

Superpowers: Grumpy Cat of espresso machine repair

Digs: Hockey, guitar, playing with his dog

Drinks: Mocha

Lena Jernigan

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Reading, boardgames, movies with friends

Drinks: Dirty Hippie

Jeremiah Godfrey

Superpowers: Machine repair and wearer of funny t-shirts

Digs: Hunting, hiking, camping

Drinks: White chocolate + peanut butter latte

Jessie Lind

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Guitar, painting, reading

Drinks: Dirty Chai

William Jansen

Superpowers: Machine repair & refurbishment, QA

Digs: Paintball, playing & watching football, cars

Drinks: Straight up, black drip coffee

Dylan Kline

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing

Drinks: Smoothies

Tyler Maxwell

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: All things football, hanging with friends, attending concerts

Drinks: Gatorade, all the way!

Peter Stackhouse

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Watching football, camping, hiking

Drinks: Drip coffee or Coke

Samantha Maxwell

Superpowers: Machine refurbishment

Digs: Going to the movies, shopping, going to the beach

Drinks: Coffee or water

Marketing & Communications

Kaylie Kipe

Superpowers: Web marketing, Magento-Ninja, SEO Superstar

Digs: Travel, video games, reading

Drinks: White chocolate latte in a Bodum Bistro mug

Victor Gehlen

Superpowers: Marketing, product management, operations

Digs: Cooking, biking, guitar

Drinks: Dry Cappuccino

Sarah Thompson

Superpowers: Product marketing, product testing

Digs: Walking Maddie the dog, hanging out with friends, aerial trapeze

Drinks: White chocolate mocha .... Iced!

Brendan Field

Superpowers: Video & communications guru

Digs: Making bread, eating bread, running in the rain

Drinks: Raw milk cappuccino

Commercial Sales

Jason Malcom

Superpowers: Commercial sales

Digs: Going out to movies, finding the next great third wave cafe, hiking in the mountains

Drinks: A tie between a double shot in the dark coffee or an americano

Operations Management

Carolyn Bartlett

Superpowers: Office management, A/R, A/P, HR, herds cats

Digs: Motorcycle travel, gardening

Drinks: Huckleberry Slump latte

Spencer Booth

Superpowers: Parts & returns guru

Digs: Collecting vinyl, playing drums & percussion, hanging with the kids

Drinks: Espresso

Joe Brink

Superpowers: Jack of all trades!

Digs: Basketball, hangin' with the lady, video games

Drinks: Shot in the Dark

Nick Buxton

Superpowers: Purchasing Ninja

Digs: Hiking, writing, playing The Legend of Zelda

Drinks: Dark roasts prepped via French Press + milk

Brandon Dettmers

Superpowers: Rapid fire shipping, receiving, inventory management 

Digs: Guitar, skateboarding, riding his motorcycle

Drinks: Drip coffee + double or triple shot (depending on how wild he's feeling)

Dawn Grimshaw

Superpowers: Operational management, workflow, internal processes

Digs: Travel, yoga, hiking

Drinks: Double Americano + Cream

Brandi James

Superpowers: Order management queen

Digs: Working out, cocktails with friends, playing with her kids

Drinks: Double latte or mocha, depending on her mood

Jared Kipe

Superpowers: Directs all technology

Digs: Programming, golf, sci-fi

Drinks: White chocolate toffee nut mocha

Gail Williams 

Superpowers: Equipment education & troubleshooting, buying advice, machine repair assessment & service

Digs: Power boatin'!

Drinks: Dry cappuccino... or anything with half and half

Nick Lingle 

Superpowers: Packing & shipping

Digs: Bicycling, playing hard rock music, sports

Drinks: Water!

Ryan Davis

Superpowers: Shipping & receiving

Digs: Soccer, reading, cooking up a storm

Drinks: Coffee, straight up

Leslie Woodworth

Superpowers: Accounting wonder woman

Digs: Playing bass, cuddling with her dog, everything outdoors

Drinks: Americano



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