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Whether you’re brewing espresso or traditional drip coffee, the amount of coffee beans and grounds used can make a real difference in the final result. To get the best cup of coffee possible, at-home coffee enthusiasts, seasoned baristas and professional roasters alike should invest in precise weighing hardware. This will help to provide precise measurements—great for those looking to craft new blends, recreate recipes, or dial in the perfect pourover.

When it comes to high-quality scales designed specifically for the coffee brewing process, there is no better brand to choose than Acaia. Committed to innovation and exceptional build quality across all of their scales and other coffee hardware, Acaia has quickly become a leader in the industry. Read on to learn more about Acaia below.

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Acaia: Uncompromising Quality for Your Coffee

Acaia started with a simple goal: to combine design and technology in the specialty coffee community. To this end, the company's team of incredible innovators went to work developing high-performing hardware integrated with the latest software to optimize the most granular aspects of coffee creation. This has resulted in some of the most precise coffee scales on the market, loaded with features including Bluetooth connectivity, precise calibration, and elegantly designed waterproof surfaces. Great for at-home environments and commercial settings alike, Acaia scales are must-haves for the serious coffee enthusiast.

Acaia Coffee Scales at Seattle Coffee Gear

Here at Seattle Coffee Gear, we are proud to carry a selection of the latest Acaia coffee scales and coffee hardware available today. The Acaia equipment in our inventory is an excellent investment for anyone looking to get granular with their coffee brewing. Shop Acaia scales and more with us today! And don’t forget to check out some of the great resources we have on our Blog and Coffee 101 pages!

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