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If you’re a fan of French press coffee, then you’ll love these unique presses by Espro. Featuring a double filtered process that helps to eliminate sludge, Espro’s simple press produces the ideal cup. Thanks to its vacuum-insulated stainless-steel walls it also keeps your coffee hot for hours without a risk of cracking. Espro has debuted a great collection of presses, including traditional and travel French presses that you can take with you wherever you go. Seattle Coffee Gear also carries some useful Espro accessories like frothing pitchers and tampers.

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Espro: The King of French Presses

Why so much love for these presses? Let’s get back to the features. The two filters leave you with a cup that’s full-flavored minus the grit and sludge, while the versatile configuration makes it perfect for brewing tea and other water-based beverages too. We’ve got Espro French presses in a range of convenient sizes at Seattle Coffee Gear, including medium-sized versions (18 ounces) that press two American-sized cups and large versions that press four American-sized cups (32 ounces).

More Smart Coffee Accessories by Espro

French press brewing is a simple, convenient, and even portable way to make coffee. We at Seattle Coffee Gear think Espro makes a great press, and we’d love to share them with you. Stop by and check out our selection of presses and accessories, and don’t forget to swing by our Blog and Coffee 101 pages as well!

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