Technivorm Cup-One Coffee Maker

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  • – Single Cup Quantity
  • – Quick Brew Time
  • – 5 Year Warranty

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Whether you're in need of just one cup for the moment, or if you're sampling through a few favorites with a friend, the single cup brewer will leave your options completely opened from one cup to the next. A petite #1 cone filter and a small 10 ounce (300ml) reservoir deliver fresh-brewed coffee directly into your favorite mug. Designed with the same simple toggle control, and temperature-stable heating element that has become well-loved on the Technivorm full-sized models. The Cup-One Coffee Maker comes with everything you might need to brew a complex cup through uncomplicated means.

Features and Functionality

  • Speedy Brewer - The single-serving design means that you can make a cup incredibly quickly. We clocked our demo unit at 3:01.
  • Gold Standard Temperature: As with all Technivorm brewers, the Grand CDT brews at the optimal temperature range of 196°F - 205°F, a temperature certified by of the ECBC/SCAE/SCAA to create the tastiest flavors..
  • Water Level - Made in the Netherlands, the Moccamaster KBG741 measures its cup sizes a little bit (1.75 oz.) smaller than the US standard cup of coffee.
  • Auto-Off: The Grand coffee brewer automatically turns off after 2 hours, saving you energy!
  • Choose your Cup - This machine does not come with any sort of carafe. Instead, you can brew directly into your own personal cup. That also makes for less dishes to clean!
  • Heating Element - A generously powered 1200w heating element comes up to a perfect 200°F and stays there.

    Durable and Replaceable Parts: The Grand features a durable copper heating element, as well as a heavy-duty metal housing that ensures this brewer is built to last. In addition, each of the removable external parts can easily be replaced.

    Quality One Cup - If you're looking for an automated one cup coffee maker, they don't get much nicer.

    Care-free Cleanup - No dedicated carafe or pause-and-pour features mean that the Cup-One is easy to clean between uses.


    No Spray Arm - The Cup-One uses a metal tube instead of a multi-hole spray arm, meaning less efficient extraction of coffee than its full-sized brethren.

    No Brew-Through Lid - Because you'll be using your own cup, there's no effective way to estimate how large or small the lid should be, so this model does not come with a brew-through lid.


Manufacturer Technivorm
Model Number KB 300
Width 10.5 inches
Depth 6.5 inches
Height 12 inches
Watts 18.0000
Volts 8.0000
Volume (Decibles) 120V
Material Stainless Steel
Case Material Stainless Steel
Reservoir Size 10 ounces
Cup Clearance 5.8 inches
Auto On No
Auto Shut Off Yes
Max/Min Ounces per Pot 10 ounces
Warm Up: Brew Time 3 minutes
Mid-Brew Interrupt No




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