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Urnex Cafiza Home Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets - 8 count

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Coffee grounds are the rivaled enemy of clean kitchens: they are sneaky, silent, and travel in high numbers. These tiny remnants will climb all the way to the back of your machine if left untended, but with the Urnex Cafiza Home Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets there is no need to worry! Specifically engineered for backflushing, this package of eight perfectly dosed tablets can be used to clean your superautomatic or as a pre-dosed backflush detergent on machines with a three-way brew pressure release/solenoid valve. NSF-certified for metal compatibility and safety, the Urnex Cafiza Home Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets will work hard so you can rest easy knowing your machine is clean and clear of coffee buildup.

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Steps for Use of Urnex Cafiza Home Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

  • Preprogramming - If the machine has a cleaning program, follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Preground Coffee / Bypass Chute - If the machine has a pre-ground coffee or bypass chute, put one Cafiza Home tablet in the pre-ground coffee chute and place a cup under the coffee spout. Press the button corresponding to brewing with pre-ground coffee. When half a cup of water has been discharged, switch the appliance off for five minutes to let the solution take effect inside of the machine. Switch the appliance back on again to end the cycle. Repeat this cycle a minimum of three additional times, but without adding more tablets to the machine. Then, remove the coffee dispensing unit and rinse it carefully using clean water. Before using the appliance again, prepare two cups of coffee, by pressing the button corresponding to brewing with pre-ground coffee, but without adding any coffee, and then throw them away. To clean the drip tray, place a Cafiza Home tablet inside, and fill it up 2/3 full with hot water. Let the cleaning solution take effect for about 30 minutes, then rinse abundantly.
  • Manual Process - If the machine does not have a pre-ground coffee chute, place one Cafiza Home tablet in a cup and fill it with hot water. Remove the coffee dispensing unit and clean the filters and the dispensing channel with the prepared cleaning solution. Possibly use a sponge or a little brush. Let the solution take effect for at least five minutes and repeat this operation a minimum of three times. Rinse the coffee dispensing unit abundantly with clean water and install it again.
  • DripTray Cleaning - Place a Cafiza Home tablet inside and fill it up to 2/3 full with hot water. Let the cleaning solution take effect for about 30 minutes and rinse abundantly.
  • Backflushing - Place one tablet in your backflush basket and then follow your normal backflush procedure. Diluting another tablet in two cups of hot water will also make a great solution for cleaning portafilters, filter baskets and other items that come into contact with coffee oils and require regular cleaning.
  • Compatibility: Can substitute for Saeco and Solis cleaning tablets on Saeco Superautomatic Espresso Machines and Solis Superautomatic Espresso Machines. Can also be used on any machine that requires backflushing, such as the Rancilio Silvia, Ascaso Dream UP, Uno & Duo series, La Spaziale machines, Pasquini Livia 90 and any machine with an E61 brew head.

About Urnex

As you probably know, cleaning the inner workings of your espresso or coffee maker is vital to a good cup. If you’ve noticed that your coffee machine is slow, inconsistent or if it produces a lesser quality cup than it did when it was brand-new, it’s time to consider some specialized coffee machine cleaning products. Urnex is the authority in the brewer cleaning world, producing cleaning powders, tablets and solutions under the names Urnex, Full Circle and Puro.

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