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Victoria Arduino Adonis

Victoria Arduino Adonis - 3 group - Steelux Victoria Arduino Adonis - 2 group - Pearl White Victoria Arduino Adonis - 3 group - Steelux Victoria Arduino Adonis - Back - Pearl White Victoria Arduino Adonis - Brew Group Victoria Arduino Adonis - Steam Arm & PID
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  • Low-profile design
  • Soft infusion system
  • High volume
  • Volumetric programming

Come for the drinks, stay for the beauty. The Victoria Arduino Adonis incorporates all the professional features you have come to expect from Nuova Simonelli, coupled with the artistry of the Victoria Arduino brand.

Depending on the size and style of your café, choose from 2 or 3 group heads, along with Steelux or Pearl White vintage backing.

  • Soft Infusion System: Thanks to Nuova Simonelli’s innovative SI system, tamping a shot is almost fool proof! Easily create soft and creamy espresso shots every time.
  • PID: LCD display allows you to view and manipulate the temperature, bar pressure and dosage in just a few steps.
  • Raised Group Heads: You can customize your Adonis with raised group heads for maximum cup clearance.
  • Auto & Manual Steam Arm: Choose your preferred steaming method and commence frothing with Nuova Simonelli’s signature push/pull lever.
  • High Efficiency Extraction System: Works to bring out the aroma of every coffee blend and offer the same high quality drink with every brew.
  • Programmable Shots: Each group head features two programmable buttons for dispensing a single shot and another two for dispensing double shots.
  • Barista Light: Shining the way to a delicious cup…or at least helping the barista see!
  • High Volume: This workhorse will power out approximately 150 - 300 drinks per day.
  • Pros
    • Mesmerizing Beauty - Spellbound customers may stay for one extra cup, as they gaze upon the artistry of the Adonis.
  • Cons
    • Hot Wand! - Unlike the Aurelia II, the Adonis does not feature a cool touch steam arm.
  • Resources

    Warranty Information

    What it Covers: Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino commercial espresso machines

    Commercial Espresso Machines: Gold Plan required; 2 year parts and 1 year labor

    Commercial Superautomatics: Platinum Plan required; 2 year parts and 1 year labor

    Warranty Point of Contact: Nuova Simonelli USA

    Contact Information: 360-366-2226

    Notes: Commercial espresso machines require Nuova Simonelli Gold or Platinum service plans. Self installation or improper water quality may void your commercial warranty. Please speak with your commercial sales rep for details on coverage duration, service level and individual policies.

    Care and Maintenance

    For detailed care instructions, please refer to your machine's user manual. We recommend that you also incorporate the following into your cleaning routine:

    • Backflush group heads daily
    • Clean the brew gasket daily with a cleaning brush
    • Soap out the drip tray every few days
    • Clean the filter basket each week
    • Keep the steam wand clean; make sure to wipe it down after each use
  • Height
    2 Group: 25 inches | 3 Group: 25 inches
  • Width
    2 Group: 34 inches | 3 Group: 44 inches
  • Depth
    2 Group: 23 inches | 3 Group: 23 inches
  • Watts
    2 Group: 4500W | 3 Group: 5000W
  • Volts
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Manufacturer
    Victoria Arduino
About Victoria Arduino

Stunning commercial espresso machine design puts Victoria Arduino in the extreme high end of the professional coffee gear space. Exquisite engineering and stellar performance has given this legendary manufacturer a niche but passionate fanbase. We are happy to help you on your professional coffee journey here at Seattle Coffee Gear, and we proudly offer Victoria Arduino among our wide range of commercial espresso equipment.

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