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Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit Commercial Espresso Machine

As low as $16,100
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As low as $16,100


Victoria Arduino's White Eagle Digit raises the bar—and the groups!— by combining Nuova Simonelli's established commitment to efficiency, stability, and ergonomics with an elegant design that doesn't sacrifices function.

The White Eagle combines temperature-regulated Digit technology with handy volumetric programming. With shot timers, a large digital display for intuitive programming and ergonomic everything, the White Eagle is designed from the ground up for baristas. Now bring the machine down to a low-profile for style and smoother over-the-counter interactions to complete the recipe for a sleek, high volume, specialty titan.

  • Digit Technology: Electronically-controlled boiler pressure maintains consistent brew temperature.
  • Raised Groups: More room to work under the portafilter and the ability to pull directly into the cup make for faster service.
  • Volumetric Programming: Each group can be programmed with four shot volumes for ease-of-use, efficiency and consistency.
  • Low-Profile: The Black Eagle sits low on the countertop, opening up the space for a welcoming environment and a participatory drink preparation feel.
  • Digital Display: A large LED screen is the Black Eagle's center console for controlling its features and functions.
  • Pull Push Steam Levers: These levers are intuitive and ergonomic, allowing for full-bore steaming and easy feathering for reduced or brief flow.
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands: No burned arms with these wands.
  • Ergonomic Design: There are no misplaced buttons, awkward knobs or dangerously hot surfaces to be found on this machine.

About Victoria Arduino

Stunning commercial espresso machine design puts Victoria Arduino in the extreme high end of the professional coffee gear space. Exquisite engineering and stellar performance has given this legendary manufacturer a niche but passionate fanbase. We are happy to help you on your professional coffee journey here at Seattle Coffee Gear, and we proudly offer Victoria Arduino among our wide range of commercial espresso equipment.

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  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Manufacturer
    Victoria Arduino
  • Height
    2 Group: 20" | 3 Group: 20"
  • Width
    2 Group: 33" | 3 Group: 42"
  • Depth
    2 Group: 26" | 3 Group: 26"
  • Watts
    2 Group: 4500W | 3 Group: 5200W
  • Volts
  • Boiler Volume
    2 Group: 14 L | 3 Group: 17.3 L

Warranty Information

What it Covers: Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino commercial espresso machines

Commercial Espresso Machines: Gold Plan required; 2 year parts and 1 year labor

Commercial Superautomatics: Platinum Plan required; 2 year parts and 1 year labor

Warranty Point of Contact: Nuova Simonelli USA

Contact Information: 360-366-2226

Notes: Commercial espresso machines require Nuova Simonelli Gold or Platinum service plans. Self installation or improper water quality may void your commercial warranty. Please speak with your commercial sales rep for details on coverage duration, service level and individual policies.

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