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AeroPress Coffee Maker

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Rediscover your favorite flavors with The AeroPress Coffee Maker–an entirely unique way to brew coffee! Whether you’re competing in the National Aeropress Championships, or just making a warm cup to kick off your backpacking adventures–coffee brewed through the Aeropress will consistently create smooth, rich, and nuanced flavors.

What makes it so different? Rather than pouring hot water over a bed of grounds to over-extract at the center and under-extract around the edge–the AeroPress utilizes the full submersion method, and separates extracted coffee through high-pressure processing micro-filters to create a grit free cup unlike any other.

Check out the Fellow Prismo Aeropress Attachment if you’re interested in creating a shot of espresso through the Aeropress! Brews anywhere between 1 and 4 cups of coffee or espresso. Box comes complete with 350 micro-filters and mixing tool with purchase.

  • Pros
    • No gooseneck kettle? No worries - You can literally just heat your filtered water over a fire and make a great Aeropress. (That's why they're great for camping!)
    • Lightweight - Its feather-light pieces are easy to clean, and it fits neatly in tight spaces.
    • Clean and Clear - The AeroPress uses three different plastics–none of which contain bisphenol-A (BPA) or any phthalates.
  • Cons
    • Builds Biceps - Depending on your counter height, leverage, and upper arm strength–this coffee maker could require some effort to push down.
  • How Does it Compare?

    The Aeropress uses a methodical combination of full submersion brewing and pressurized separation with filtered extraction. It's almost like they took all the best parts of the worlds' most loved brewers and combined them into one concise method!

    Produces 1/9 the acidity of a French Press and 1/5 the acidity of Drip Coffee

    Makes two kinds of coffee–so it's sort of like comparing apples to both apples and oranges! (Woah..)

  • Tips and Tricks

    The coffee that comes out of this press is as good as a machine-prepped cup (if not better). It gives you the ability to control the strength of the coffee any way you like it, just about anywhere you want to make it. Try different prep methods including the inverted method and compare paper vs. metal filters for a fun coffee experiment!

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