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Ask The Experts: How Much Electricity Does My Espresso Machine Use?

Sure, our espresso machines give us energy, but how much are they taking from the planet? We ran a test on a few of our favorites to show examples of the electricity draw and cost involved with running these machines each year. Our cost estimates are based on a national US average of $.11/kWh -- you can find more accurate data for your specific area here.

Machine Name & Type kWh Used Estimated Annual Cost

Jura Ena 3 & 4





Jura Impressa Z7

Superautomatic w/One-Touch




Rancilio Silvia V3

Semi-Automatic w/Single Boiler




Rocket Espresso Cellini Premium Plus

Semi-Automatic w/Heat Exchange




Incidentally, we measured how much kWh it took to make a one-touch cappuccino on the Jura Z7 and found that it was .02kWh -- at $.11/kWh, that means you'd need to make about 5 cappuccinos to rack up 1 cent in energy costs!

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6 thoughts on “Ask The Experts: How Much Electricity Does My Espresso Machine Use?”

  • Sean

    Was that to power the unit for a day, for a shot, etc?

    Thanks for this.

    • Kat

      We tracked the electricity usage for a 24 hour period and then extrapolated from there. During that time, we tried to make a few different drinks with it in order to simulate average use at home. The only per drink calculation was for the Z5.

  • Jay

    Can you calculate the costs for some commercial machines? I've got one running at 220v and 3700w on a 30amp circuit and I'm curious to know how much it's costing me.

    • Kat

      The best way would be for you to measure it yourself, because then it would be specific to your setup. We used this meter: -- not super complex, but a great little gadget that isn't too pricey and will allow you to track how your energy use fluctuates based on your traffic, etc.

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  • Morgan Friedland
    Morgan Friedland July 29, 2014 at 2:15 am

    Something is wrong with the Rocket Numbers. I was shocked to see such high usage so I plugged our Kill A Watt EZ meter to our Rocket and let it run this morning. Dawn and I each had 2 small lattes and I used some water for oatmeal from the hot water spout on our Rocket. After 3 hours, I am measuring .48 kWhr or about .06 worth of electricity. Multiplying over 24 hours would be about .25 cents per day.

    $76.00 per month is about 690 kWhr @ .11 per kWhr which is about 22 kWh's per day which equals to 920 Watts of continuous usage 24/7!

    Can you check your numbers again?



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