Brew Tips: How to Make a Macchiato

Sarah and Dori are back (at the same bat time on the same bat channel) and ready to share their cafe macchiatobrew tips with you! Up this time is the macchiato, but not the one drenched in caramel that you are accustomed to seeing in a big chain coffee shop. While, admittedly, those are delicious, this is an old fashioned foamed milk and espresso type o' macchiato.

Composed of two parts espresso to one part foamed milk. And by "foamed milk" we really mean either the foam off the top of the milk or really, really well frothed milk. So milky coffee lovers may want to look at a cappuccino to get their espresso beverage fix!

How to Make a Macchiato

1)   Clear the extra water out of the steam wand.

2)   Follow our steps for frothing milk for a cappuccino (yes, even though you are making a macchiato) when preparing your milk.

3)   As you froth your milk, keep in mind that you should be expanding it quite a bit and incorporating in as much air as you can. Remember: We're looking for that milk foam!

4)   Clean up that steam wand while you pull your espresso shot.

5)   Give your frothing pitcher a firm tap against the counter and swirl to incorporate the foam into the milk.

6)   For a macchiato with very foamed milk, pour the milk directly on top of the espresso shot. For a macchiato with a dollop of foam, let the milk sit for a minute to let it separate from the foam (or don't tap and swirl initially) and then spoon a few tablespoons onto the espresso shot.

You can be as pro as Sarah and Dori, too. Just watch the video below and then follow the foolproof steps to macchiato mania!

3 thoughts on “Brew Tips: How to Make a Macchiato”

  • Judy Knapp

    Thanks for addressing a frustrating espresso drink order. The first time I served a traditional macchiato to a customer, she looked disappointed & wondered where the caramel and heavy foam were. She described the drink she had received at Star*bucks, where they had married a flavored latte to a cool sounding Italian name. Now when a "younger" customer orders a macchiato I have to ask whether they're asking for a Star*ucks version. I'm happy to make that drink, too, but it's really a 16 or 20 oz. flavored latte. If a European visitor orders one I'm fairly certain they're ordering a "real" macchiato. Viva Italiano!
    Flyin' Hawaiian Coffee, Ka'u, Hawaii

  • Laura G

    Uhhh...go to Italy, where macchiatos cone from, and you will be disappointed if what is described here is what you expect. Macchiato means "stained". The espresso is stained with steamed milk. Not dyed. Stained. Not a miniature cappuccino. Not 2/3 espresso and 1/3 steamed milk. Stained e basta.

    • Kaylie

      Thanks for letting us know about the difference between traditional macchiatos and our macchiatos - we'll need to go sometime and check that out!

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