The Round Up

Every coffee geek wants to play the mad scientist. It’s time you shake up your daily coffee routine with one of these alternative coffee brewers: the Copper Turkish Coffee Pot, Hario Drip Pot and Bodum Santos Stovetop Vacuum Coffee Maker.

Sure, you could brew a regular old French press—or you can entertain your brunch crowd with a live showing of fresh coffee from a vacuum pot! Or divine their future through a coffee reading with Turkish coffee. Step away from the ordinary and discover a new way to brew.

Copper Turkish Coffee Pot

In Turkish tradition, Turkish coffee is patiently brewed and enjoyed slowly with someone you care about. To brew Turkish coffee, coffee is ground fine to dissolve in water. As a result, some of the sediment remains in the bottom of the cup—perfect for a coffee fortune-telling! Whether you divine the future through the grounds or share it with a close friend, Turkish is a rich, full-bodied cup wonderful to enjoy.

Hario Drip Pot

The Hario Drip Pot is an all-in-one brewer ready to serve in a matter of minutes! The Hario features an hourglass shape to extract coffee grounds at the top and hold the final brew in the carafe below. What makes this beautiful hourglass brewer stand out is its unique cotton cloth filter. Reuse the filter again and again to enjoy deliciously smooth coffee each time. Finished with a wooden neck and tie, the Hario is a beautiful single serving brewer.

Bodum Santos Stovetop Vacuum Coffee Maker

Entertain your guest with dinner and a show—the Bodum Santos Stovetop Vacuum Coffee Maker. Part science experiment and part physics, the Bodum brews coffee from the bottom up! Here’s how it works: Fill the bottom carafe with water and put it on the stove to boil. Once the water is boiling, the middle tube will siphon hot water to the grounds in the top chamber, where it’ll slowly brew the coffee and dribble back into the carafe below.


If you’re tired of your boring coffee ritual, check out the Copper Turkish Coffee Pot, Hario Drip Pot or Bodum Santos Stovetop Vacuum Coffee Maker. Each coffee makers brews a great cup of joe in a unique fashion. What do you think of these alternative coffee brewers?