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2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Wannabe Baristas

Nov 13, 2022 · espresso · gift guide · holiday
2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Wannabe Baristas

We all know someone who wants to get into home brewing espresso but needs that extra push. This year, why not help send them on their way with a great gift? We’ve got the best gifts for that espresso lover in your life who wants to bring the cafe home. Let’s get this guide started!

No Frills Grinding

Arguably the most important part of a coffee setup is the grinder. The Eureka Mignon Notte makes the perfect gift for the aspiring home barista. This grinder is no frills and easy to understand, but difficult to master. Its simple push button design is intuitive, and with stepless grind adjust you get a high degree of precision. That stepless grind adjust means that the burrs come together like a screw rather than with set positions. That precision allows you to find the perfect setting for your beans, giving you the best possible conditions to get the flavor you’re looking for in your shot. This light on features grinder keeps the cost down by centering performance, and it makes for a great core to your giftee’s setup. They will be able to use this grinder as they update their machine as well.

Don’t Forget the Machine

The Solis Barista Perfetta is a fantastic machine for anyone starting their home espresso journey. This machine may not quite recreate the cafe experience, but it offers some of the best value we’ve seen in an espresso machine. Many machines at this price point rely on pressurized portafilter baskets. These baskets produce additional back pressure in the portafilter to help ensure proper extraction with slightly imprecise grounds. The great part about the Barista Perfetta is it includes pressurized and unpressurized baskets. This means that you can use the pressurized basket when you’re just starting out. Then you can step up to the unpressurized basket to refine and carefully control your flavor profile. With solid heat up times and strong reliability, this machine is an excellent pick for the wannabe barista on your list.

All of the Extras

One great item to help the budding espresso expert is an Eddy Steaming Pitcher from Fellow. This tapered pitcher helps you to position the wand during steaming. This will help users to get that perfect milk consistency for your lattes and cappuccinos. Another important piece of the espresso puzzle is measurement, and a great way to get well measured shots is the Rhino Coffee Gear Espresso Shot Pitcher. The demarcations on the side help to brew the precise amount. When paired with a timer you can get solid measurements to help you dial in your shots.

The Most Important Part!

We can’t forget the coffee! Whole bean coffee makes a great gift for any consumers of our favorite beverage on your list. Tony’s Crew Brew collaboration with Seattle Coffee Gear is a perfect way to learn to use your new machine. It’s balanced and easy to dial in. Another excellent way to gift coffee is our Coffee Club gift subscriptions! Hand picked beans delivered to their mailbox with a schedule and duration set by you. Get them brewing this holiday season!

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