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2023 Gift Guide - Budding Barista

Nov 6, 2023 · coffee · espresso · guides · holiday · shopping · superautomatic
2023 Gift Guide - Budding Barista

Is there someone on your gift list who’s got an interest in taking their espresso game further? We’ve got great gift ideas for them! Whether your budding barista giftee is one you’re shopping for a bigger gift for or some smaller accessories, read on for some great options!

The Machine

We know that a whole espresso machine is quite the large holiday gift, but if you’re shopping for a spouse or family member and want to go the extra mile, or if you’re looking for a group gift for several people to go in on, the Philips 3200 LatteGo Superautomatic Espresso Machine is a perfect option for a new home espresso enthusiast. This machine is one of the best values we’ve seen, offering simplicity, automation, and performance without the price tag of higher end options. It starts with the 3200’s built-in grinder, which funnels grounds directly into the brew unit. This cuts out the work of dialing in an external grinder, which just a few twists of the grind setting dial in between shots helping set up the grinder for that coffee for as long as you use it. It also means you don’t have to worry about tamping or measuring out your coffee. All of this is controlled with the touch of a few buttons, which will automatically grind and brew several different drink recipes. The really special part of the 3200 LatteGo is, well, the LatteGo part. This unique method for automatically steaming milk uses a siphon built into the carafe to pull milk into a steam chamber. It then is poured directly into your drink, meaning it doesn’t snake through internal pipes before making it to your cup. This method of steaming provides some seriously impressive latte and cappuccino foam, and also makes it easy to maintain. You can simply remove the carafe for cleaning without worry that there’s stubborn milk that wasn’t purged inside the machine. This combination of features makes the 3200 LatteGo a real superstar for newer users, but on top of this ease of use it also comes with simple maintenance and optional AquaClean water filtration. It’s a truly easy machine to own and live with, and makes a great group gift!

The Accessories

There’s also a few accessories that make a perfect smaller gift to someone getting their coffee setup situated. First, there’s the always useful Airscape Coffee Bean Canister. This coffee storage solution vacuum seals your beans away to keep them fresh and preserved for well past the shelf life they’d have in the bag. It’s a great way to help your giftee keep their coffee fresh if they love slow brew methods, or if they like having a second kind of coffee to switch into their espresso grinder. Next, everyone needs cups! The Acme Evo latte cup is a great way to enjoy your morning milk drinks, and Acme’s demitasse cup is perfect for those who prefer straight shots. You can check out Acme’s whole lineup for even more drinkware options!

The Coffee

Finally, what’s a gift guide without some coffee! For our budding baristas out there we’re recommending Tony’s Crew Brew Blend, as well as Camber Coffee’s Moonrise Blend. We developed Crew Brew with Tony’s specifically as an all around coffee that’s great to work with for new or experienced baristas. It’s got delicious jammy notes and a rich profile that works great in espresso, but is also suitable for other brew methods as well. Camber’s Moonrise Blend is another crowd pleaser, with notes of honey, lychee, and blackberry. Both of these coffees should be delicious options for trying out some new gear! If you’d like to see more about these gift ideas, check out our video below.

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