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2023 Gift Guide - Espresso Expert

Oct 29, 2023 · coffee · espresso · gifting · guide · holiday
2023 Gift Guide - Espresso Expert

Do you have someone on your holiday shopping list with an affinity for espresso? It can be hard to find the perfect gift for the latte fanatic that has it all, but we’re here to help. Read on for our Espresso Expert gift guide and put a smile on their face!

Diletta Bello+

The Diletta Bello+ likely won’t fit many individual budgets, but it could make the perfect large group gift for someone in your family. This machine is one of our favorites of the year, and it’s a safe machine to gift because it is perfect for anyone who’s looking to upgrade their machine. The classic design of the Bello makes it a great way to get your morning americano or latte. Tactile, hands-on controls, a professional-style steam wand, hot water spout, and 58mm portafilter all provide a great user experience. On top of all of this, the machine has a heated E61 brew group and heat exchanger boiler to allow for brewing and steaming simultaneously. The Bello+ takes all of this to the next level by adding PID controlled temps, a large capacity drip tray, and programmable pre-infusion. These features help to bring this machine into competition with options that are much more expensive, and it does it all while maintaining user friendliness. We think this makes the Diletta Bello+ a fantastic group gift for any espresso enthusiast.

Eureka Mignon Libra

Most espresso fans start their upgrades at their grinder, so it can be hard to find something in that area to get as a gift. Similar to the Bello+, this entry on the list definitely is more of a group buy, but it’s a good one! The Eureka Mignon Libra is an exciting new offering in the Mignon espresso grinder lineup. The Libra starts with the excellent Mignon Specilita as a foundation. That means it has an easy to use touch screen, excellent burrs, stepless adjustment options, and quiet grinding. This alone will be an upgrade for many, but the Libra goes a step further and adds a weighted dosing option. One of the most difficult parts of getting a workflow down is trying to find the right time setting on your grinder to get the proper espresso dose. The Mignon Libra circumvents this with weighted dosing. Instead of spending several attempts getting the time right, you can simply enter the weight you want and let the grinder do the rest. This grinder is one that will surely excite any espresso fanatic!


There’s nothing like some new accessories to freshen up and improve an espresso setup, and we have three awesome options for a special giftee on your list. First, the Acaia Lunar is a fantastic scale that’s purpose-built for espresso. Its small form-factor allows it to sit under your machine’s portafilter and hold a shot glass. This allows you to get real-time weight information, which results in better shot accuracy. When combined with its built-in timer, it’ll also help you to dial in and program the perfect shots if your machine allows for it. Plus, the Lunar is water-resistant, meaning that splashes during brewing won’t bother it at all. Next, we have the Saint Anthony Industries “the Bloc” Knockbox. Every espresso enthusiast needs a knockbox, and this one is something special. With cutouts to hold your tamper and distribution tool, and a sturdy rubber platform for knocking, what really makes this knockbox something else is the way you can use it for tamping too. It’s a cool space saver that we know your giftee will love. Finally, the Rhino Coffee Gear shot pitcher is a great stocking stuffer or smaller gift to throw in with one of these more pricey options. This shot pitcher is just the right size for espresso and has measurement lines in ounces and milliliters. It allows you one extra variable to measure during brewing along side time and weight, giving you near perfect precision for the brewing process.


Even if your espresso loving giftee has everything they could ever need for their setup, they can always use more coffee. If they enjoy espresso, which they must if you’re reading this guide, then they’ll love Sugar Bee Espresso from Tony’s Coffee. Sugar Bee is a long-time favorite of ours and our customers, and features incredible notes of cocoa nib, lavender, and almond. When brewed you get a syrupy complexion and tasty chocolate and fruit flavors. On top of this, Sugar Bee is easy to dial in and work with, so it’s great for testing with new equipment. If that syrupy richness is their thing but they like less fruity notes in their coffee, you might want to try Bear Hug from Dogwood Coffee. This roast offers chocolate and caramel notes with just a hint of berry sweetness. It’s another easy coffee to brew and it has a flavor profile that always pleases a crowd, making it an easy recommendation for gifting. We hope these ideas will help you give some kick-butt espresso gifts this holiday season! Check out our video version of this guide for more ideas!

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