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Best Coffee Grinders of 2023

Oct 12, 2023 · best ofs · coffee · espresso · grinders · reviews
Best Coffee Grinders of 2023

We’re down to our last couple of top 3 articles, and today we’re talking about the best coffee grinders of 2023! These grinders do a great job for slow brew methods in particular, if you’re looking for an espresso grinder, be sure to take a look at our list of best espresso grinders of 2023 as well. As with all of our top 3 lists, this one includes a crowd pleaser pick, a top features pick, and an ultimate pick. Let’s get into it!

Crowd Pleaser - Eureka Mignon Filtro

The Eureka Mignon line has been a longstanding espresso favorite, and the Filtro is one of their adaptations for slow brewing grinding. We love Mignons because they offer a ton of value with their construction and quality. These grinders tend to be lighter on the fancy features, and instead focus on producing very high end results without the price tag of a commercial grinder.

This is just as true with the Filtro as it is with other Mignons. It has a rock solid metal case and a simple push-button design, as well as a smartly designed catch bin and compact footprint. This makes it an easy choice for anyone looking for something built to last, and who doesn’t mind holding a button through the grind. One unique aspect of the Filtro is its stepless grind adjustment. While this may not be a killer feature for every user, this adjustment means that instead of selecting specific notched settings, you get a near infinite number of burr positions. It can lead to a higher learning curve, but when you get it it gives you the ability to fully unlock the flavor of each unique coffee bean with a perfectly suited grind setting.

Top Features - Fellow Ode Gen 2

The first generation Fellow Ode was one of our favorite new grinders in recent years, and it’s still excellent. Imagine our surprise when Fellow announced a new version of the grinder with even more to be excited about! The Ode is a unique grinder because it focuses on single dose grinding. What this means is that instead of a hopper and a timer and a guessing game to determine your needed grind amount, you actually weigh your beans before putting them into the grinder. After that, you simple grind through everything you’ve added and then you have the exact amount you need for your brew.

The original Ode had an excellent range of settings, a snazzy and convenient magnetic catch bin, very solid construction, and a nice knock lever to clear any retained grounds. The new Ode ups the ante by including fully redesigned burrs custom developed for slow brewing methods, and new anti-static technology that further helps reduce mess and retention. This new combination of features really makes the Ode Gen 2 one of the very best options out there for slow brewing, with the only real downside being that some users prefer not to single dose their beans.

Ultimate Choice - Baratza Encore ESP

Our ultimate choice for the best coffee grinder of 2023 is the Baratza Encore ESP. This is the dream grinder that many have asked for - an all purpose, easy to use option that works for espresso and slow brew without an enormous price tag. We’re very impressed with how this grinder turned out, and we know it’ll achieve the legendary status that the original Encore has.

If you’re not familiar, the Baratza Encore is beloved because it offers high end performance in a simple package that doesn’t break the bank. For many, this is their one and done pour over grinder. While it doesn’t have the metal casing of the Mignon or the premium feel of the Fellow Ode, it is still a very well made grinder that is well supported with available parts for repair from Baratza themselves.

As noted, the ESP takes the Encore to the next level by expanding the grind range to include espresso levels of precision, while including helpful extra creature comforts like a grind cup made to dose for your portafilter. This makes this grinder a fantastic pickup for users who might want to branch out into espresso, or for existing espresso fans that want to make the occasional pour over. Our one downside to this is that while switching the setting on this grinder is easy, if you want to use different beans it can still be frustrating to swap out what coffee you have in the hopper. This is why some will still opt for a two grinder setup, but we feel the ESP offers strong enough performance at both espresso and slow brew grinding to be a fit for many coffee enthusiasts.

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