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Crew Review: Behmor Brazen Brew

Sep 25, 2012 · coffee maker · coffee makers · how-to · Legacy · new products · reviews · videos
Crew Review: Behmor Brazen Brew

There is time for meekness and there is time for boldness; a time for sweetness and a time for sassiness (admittedly, we have difficulty telling these times apart). And then there are times when one should be simply brazen. If you're Joe Behm, the creator of the incredibly popular Behmor home roaster, you've been working hard on brazenness for the past couple of years. With a goal of creating the most accurate drip coffee maker available, he has developed this new brewer that features temperature control, pre-infusion, brew time and even altitude adjustments. You can use it with the included thermal carafe, or manually to easily craft a pour over at a flat line brew temperature. Plus, its simple interface was so much so, Gail didn't even take a look at the manual before brewing her first pot! Watch Gail take us through the features of the new Brazen brewer, then test it out by brewing up a batch o' java.

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