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Holiday Host Favorites!

Dec 15, 2020
Holiday Host Favorites!

We know we’ve been inundated with lists this year, but we’ve got one more important one to share! So far we’ve had our best ofs and shopping guides, but what would our top 3s hosts bring home themselves? Let’s take a look!


  • Saeco Xelsis: The Saeco Xelsis is a fantastic superauto that is high end, but provides so much bang for your buck. Loads of drink customization options, high quality milk steaming, great shots, and easy maintenance make this my superauto of choice to bring home for the holidays.
  • Solis Barista Perfetta: The Barista Perfetta is a really solid entry to the semi-auto world that offers just a little more than a simple entrypoint. This is a machine that really gives you all you need to get started, but will last you a good long time as you discover what you want in a more generational machine.
  • Bonavita Interurban: The Interurban is a great, simple kettle that includes the gooseneck spout, programmable temps, and reliability. Bonus points for including the temperature presets!


  • Eureka Mignon Notte: The Mignon Notte is one of the best ways to get into grinding for espresso. Affordable, simple, and high performance, this is a grinder you can use with your first machine all the way to prosumer, high end options.
  • Philips 1220 Carina: The Carina is such an incredible value for what it offers. You get consistent shots, milk steaming, and easy maintenance in the most affordable superauto on the market. It may not have the bells and whistles of the Xelsis, but this machine is a great all around purchase to get your morning latte.
  • Ratio Six: The Ratio Six is an incredible consistent drip brewer that’s simple and high performing. The included heat retention gasket offers extra performance that we haven’t seen on the competition!


  • Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto: The Cinquantotto is a powerful machine that provides very high end prosumer grade performance and might just be the last espresso machine you ever buy. With its programmable PID controller, auto on, and detachable touch screen control unit, this machine combines form and function elegantly.
  • Acaia Pearl S: The Acaia Pearl has been a longtime favorite for crafting perfect pour over. WIth the Pearl S, Acaia has upped its game. This scale combines accuracy, timing, and ease of use for a pretty unbeatable package.
  • Baratza Virtuoso+: The Virtuoso+ is a precise, high-performance brew grinder that gives the perfect grind for slow brew methods. What’s more, the easy to use digital timing knob means you can dial in your time to grind. The lit catch bin also is a nice touch for that early morning (or late night) cup of coffee.
Check out our host’s favorites over on our YouTube Channel as well!

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