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Introducing the Diletta Mazarine Espresso Machines

Nov 5, 2022 · coffee · diletta · espresso · limited · news
Introducing the Diletta Mazarine Espresso Machines

If you’ve been following our social channels you know that this week we’re unveiling something BIG. That something is the Diletta Mazarine espresso machine line, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Diletta Excellence, Mazarine Beauty

Named for the beautiful Mazarine blue butterfly, there’s a lot more here than just a color. The Mazarine Dilettas feature that gorgeous blue, but they’re also an incredible collaboration with St. Anthony Industries. If you’ve paid attention, we’ve had awesome accessories from St. Anthony for a while now. For this release, we asked them what they thought they could bring to the Diletta lineup, and the results are stunning. On top of including easy to use, comfortable, and great looking portafilters, the Bello also features hand spun walnut wood accents. Instead of plastic knobs, we added these reclaimed wood pieces from St. Anthony to the machine. When combined with the stirring blue of the Mazarine butterfly, we think it really drives home a passion for the world that we live in and the coffee that comes from mother nature. But that’s not the only environmentally conscious choice we made with this machine…

Eco Mode for All

The Diletta Mio has had an eco mode since release. This option allows for lower power consumption and gives you the ability to keep the steam option off for even better energy efficiency. The Mazarine Diletta Bello also now has this eco mode, and we’ve integrated it directly into the standard operation of the machine. Instead of a switch to flip, our engineers at Diletta actually brought the whole machine’s power consumption down without needing a switch. This commitment to staying eco friendly is important to us, and we couldn’t have done it without the incredible minds working on the Diletta brand, and the folks at St. Anthony Industries. Make sure you check these machines out today, because they won’t be available for long. Either one makes an outstanding addition to any espresso enthusiast’s countertop.

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