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Introducing the Diletta Mio and Bello+ Evergreen Editions

Nov 2, 2023 · diletta · espresso · holidays · news
Introducing the Diletta Mio and Bello+ Evergreen Editions

The holidays are right around the corner, and we have a really special treat this year. We’ve partnered with St. Anthony Industries to deliver another incredible colorway for two of our favorite machines - the Diletta Bello+ and the Diletta Mio.

The Machines

If you don’t know these machines, you should. The Diletta Mio is a fantastic compromise between ultra-high end machines and more entry level options. This machine features a single brew boiler with a separate 1000W thermoblock dedicated to milk steaming. This means you can avoid long recovery times and heat inconsistencies that come with a traditional single boiler machine. The Mio also has a PID controller for extra stable temperatures, a built in shot timer, an adjustable OPV valve to help dial-in pressures, and an eco mode. The Bello+ is another stellar machine that ups the ante from the base Bello model. Where the Mio offers a slightly more modern design aesthetic and methodology, the Bello+ is built on traditional Italian espresso ideals. The plus model also features a PID controller, shot timer, eco mode, and simultaneous brewing and steaming (this time thanks to a more traditional heat exchanger). Additionally, the Bello+ offers programmable pre-infusion, and a larger workspace, which means a larger drip tray as well. Both of these machines are powerhouses, it really just depends on which one is right for you, and there’s never been a better time to find out.

The Color

Both of these machines were already beautiful, but our new Evergreen Editions are extra special. It starts with the color, which is an homage to Seattle Coffee Gear’s home state of Washington. We love our roots, and we love being surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of our evergreen forests and lush parks. We feel that this color really brings home the feel of the Pacific Northwest, and it also pairs wonderfully with any warm tones that might be in your kitchen. But it’s not just a powder coat that makes these machines special. We’ve also partnered with our friends at St. Anthony industries to bring walnut wood accents to these machines. Instead of the durable, but traditional plastic handles found on the original machines and portafilters, our Evergreen Editions feature walnut handles and controls to give these machines the most premium feeling possible. We’re so proud of how these machines turned out, and we know you’ll love having them in your kitchen as much as we loved designing them. Don’t wait though, these machines are available in extremely limited quantities. See them in motion below!

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