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New Products From Eureka: The Mignon Libra, Mignon Zero, Mignon Filtro Silent, and New Accessories!

Aug 10, 2023 · coffee · espresso · eureka · grinders · new product · news
New Products From Eureka: The Mignon Libra, Mignon Zero, Mignon Filtro Silent, and New Accessories!

It’s been a while since we checked in with Eureka - and boy have they been busy! This top class espresso grinder manufacturer has put out a whole new set of products ahead of the 2023 holiday season. Are these new products for you? Let’s take a look and see what’s new!

Eureka Mignon Libra Espresso Grinder

The Libra is a wholly new kind of grinder for Eureka. It still has their excellent burr set, features stepless adjust, and is built with the heavy duty construction you expect. However, this grinder does something a bit more than past offerings in Eureka’s lineup. While it may have many similarities with other Mignon grinders, it’s also the first grinder from Eureka that features weight-based dosing. Most espresso grinders require programming of times dosing or a manual dose. With the Mignon Libra you can get a precise, weighted dose. We love this convenience - it really simplifies your workflow and gives you more time to enjoy your espresso. In our testing we did notice that unless you power down the grinder regularly it can lead to inconsistency with the auto-tare. This is easily remedied by turning the grinder off overnight! This grinder also comes with Eureka’s new dosing funnel, which helps cut down on mess. You can find that item on its own here!

Eureka Mignon Zero Espresso Grinder

Another way to ensure you grind exactly what you need is to practice single dose grinding. A relatively new favorite for home espresso enthusiasts, with this method you only grind what you need for your shot. Typically, you’ll measure out your dose with a scale prior to adding the beans to the hopper. Then, you’ll pour in the beans, and grind through the whole dose. While you can do this with any espresso grinder, the Eureka Mignon Zero makes it a little easier. The small, single dose hopper is not only compact, it’s als funneled specifically to handle small single doses. The included dosing cup also helps you cut down on mess and get all of those grounds into your portafilter. The grounds naturally leave the chute and enter the cup, and the cup is made to fit snugly over your portafilter, allowing you to smoothly transfer the dose. The host of Mignon bells and whistles are here as you’d expect, such as stepless grind adjust, very solid construction, and a specially designed burr set. Other helpful features like single switch activation and low retention from the Mignon Zero’s bellows hopper make this a great option for anyone wanting even more control than usual with their grind.

Eureka Mignon Filtro Silent Coffee Grinder

The Eureka Mignon Filtro Silent is a little bit different from the rest of the Mignon line. Like the previous Filtro, this model is designed for brew grinding instead of espresso. What makes this interesting is that the Filtro uses the Mignon line’s stepless grind adjust, which is great for pour over and more precise brewing. While this has always been the case, this new model provides some helpful upgrades. First of all, there’s the “silent” namesake. This grinder has the same quiet case design as other silent models in the Mignon line. This means that you can get your pour over or slow brew grind without waking up the whole house. Additionally, the Mignon Filtro Silent comes with Eureka’s new grind cup, which makes for easy transfer of grounds. We really like this grinder, it’s a strong value for a premium brew grinding option!

New Accessories

In addition to the items above, Eureka has also just released some new accessories. First, their distribution tool is very affordable as these tools go, and does the job well. Many home espresso fans are turning to distribution tools to properly distribute grounds in the portafilter. This tool does the job and costs much less than some comparable options. Next, Eureka has devised some new tamper options. Their new Extra Light Tamper offers a lightweight choice for those who find large and heavy tampers uncomfortable. The Perfect Grip Tamper includes spacers which allow you to tune the grip of the tamper to your exact liking. The Easy Tamper has a lip that sits atop the portafilter, ensuring that you never tamp too hard. Finally, the Adjustable Tamper offers a different twist on a tamper that can be customized for your grip. Each of these new tampers offers great features, and might be the perfect add-on for your home espresso setup! Check out Eureka’s entire lineup today!

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