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Roast of the Month: Velton's Holiday Coffee Blend!

Nov 17, 2021 · coffee · roast of the month · velton's
Roast of the Month: Velton's Holiday Coffee Blend!

We're finally back with another Roast of the Month! This time we're checking out a fantastic holiday roast from one of our longest standing roasting partners. That's right, it's Velton's Holiday Blend! We love Velton's enthusiasm for their Holiday Blend, and this year it has resulted in something truly special. This blend is made up of a 50/50 combination of two coffees. First, there's the natural process Colombia Juan Felipe Aristizábal. This coffee brings the rich, chocolaty and orange flavors you'd expect from a classic Colombian coffee. We've seen this particular producer's work in other blends and it absolutely shines in this context. The second part of the blend is Honduras Finca Las Moras. This coffee features a honey process, which splits the difference between natural sweetness and washed balance. We've also tasted just how good Finca Las Moras is in past years, and when combined with the Colombian coffee in this blend it really shines. In the cup, you'll find a rich chocolate note that adds balance alongside sweeter notes of strawberry, orange, and plum. Altogether the result is an extremely drinkable cup with a lot of layers to explore. What makes it all so impressive is the amount of balance Velton was able to bring to this combination via the roasting process. While the blend is made up of natural and honey processed beans, it really isn't overpowering. Instead, it's a simply delightful cup of coffee that we're sure you and your holiday guests will delight in. To brew this roast, we recommend trying it as a drip or pour over. We do think this coffee could make for a delicious latte or press, but developing an understanding of it as a pour over will help you bring out the notes as an espresso. It's also quite easy to brew as a pour over, and should adapt to however you typically brew in this style. As with every holiday blend, this one's available for a limited time, so be sure to pick up a bag today!

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