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SCG Portland Store

May 21, 2014 · Legacy
SCG Portland Store

In case you haven’t heard, we’re in the midst of another big build. You probably did hear about the one we did last September for Bellevue, and hopefully you’ve even gotten to visit our beautiful store. If not, it’s a great excuse to come visit the greater Seattle area. Of course, we hear attractions like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the fantastic scenery and coffee on every corner make good reasons too if anyone needs any further convincing. Yes, that’s right, we are opening a SCG Portland store in Oregon! This will be our third retail location ever and our first store outside the state of Washington, which is pretty exciting. We’ll leave it up to you to determine if we were kidding last year when we said we were going to take over the world. The grand opening of our Portland store will be on Saturday, June 28th, so Gail, Jim and their four-legged helper Scooter are busily constructing some of the hardware in our shop. One of the big projects they are currently working on is creating an even bigger event bar than the one we currently have in Bellevue. At 12 feet long, the event bar in Bellevue is already pretty good-sized, but Portland’s is slated to be even bigger - over 16 feet long! In fact, everything in our Portland store is bigger. The store itself is about 1,200 square feet bigger than Bellevue, totaling 3,200 square feet of retail space, making it our biggest store to date. In addition to the event bar, Gail and Jim are building a variety of fancy display cases for products and preparing the space for the installation of these items. Stay tuned for more information on our grand opening celebration and for updates and videos on how our new Portland store is coming along. In the meantime, check out this video to for a glimpse of Gail’s plans for the store.

SCG Portland Store: Update #1

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