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Solis Scala Zero Brew Recipes

Jan 9, 2023 · coffee · culture · educational · espresso · french press · pour over · recipe · solis
Solis Scala Zero Brew Recipes

Best Brew Recipes For Your Scala Zero

Wondering where to start with your Solis Scala Zero? Try these perfectly balanced brew recipes!

French Press Recipe

- 60 grams of Tony’s Coffee - Crew Brew - 840 grams water - 205 deg F Solis Scala Zero Setting: 23 Bloom grounds in French press by adding just enough water (120g) to wet the grounds and stirring them with a spoon. Add the remaining water. Put the filter in place just on top of the grounds. Steep for 4 minutes. Gently press down the filter.

Pour Over Recipe

- 30 grams of Camber Coffee - Ethiopia Kokosa - 500 grams of water - 200-205 deg F Solis Scala Zero Setting: 15-17 Pre-wet and heat the filter and cone with hot water. Dump out the water from your carafe. Put the carafe on the scale, put the dripper on top, add the coffee, and tare the scale. Start a timer and bloom grounds by pouring 60g of water in gentle swirling motion. Wait 30 secs for water to saturate. Slowly pour water over grounds using gentle swirling motion up to 320g of water total. When the water level is just above the surface of the coffee bed, pour the remaining water over the grounds using a swirling motion as before. Pour to 500g of water total. Total brew time: 3-4 minutes.

Espresso Recipe

- 16 grams of Olympia Coffee - Big Truck Solis Scala Zero Setting: start at 4 and modify to preference Grind coffee and add to the portafilter. Tap portafilter or stir grounds to settle them. Tamp firmly until you feel the coffee pushing back. Lock portafilter in place. Place shot glass on scale. Start shot (start timer). Stop the shot for a final yield of 32g espresso in the shot glass. Total time should be 20-35 seconds depending on taste. Enjoy solo or as a latte or cappuccino by steaming milk.

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