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The Diletta Bello Espresso Machine Compared

Apr 6, 2022 · coffee · espresso · machines · reviews
The Diletta Bello Espresso Machine Compared

If you’re looking for exceptional espresso making then the Diletta Bello espresso machine should be on your list of machines to consider. This new offering we developed under the Diletta name is one we couldn’t be more excited about. You’ve probably seen our reviews and overviews of this machine, but how does it stack up with other machines in its price range? Let’s take a look!

Vs. the Rocket Espresso Appartamento

The Appartamento is Rocket Espresso’s most affordable and compact espresso machine. It’s quite similar to the Bello in a number of ways. Both of these machines offer E61 brew groups, heated group heads that help keep the portafilter warm when locked in. It may not sound like much, but this helps keep temperature stable throughout your shot.

Both of these machines also feature heat exchanger boilers to offer simultaneous espresso brewing and milk frothing. With comparable steam performance and great brewing from each machine, the differences really come in the form of price and appearance. The Appartamento is a bit more expensive, but also features cut out side accents that add a little bit of flair to the look. It’s really down to your preference for which of these machines is more attractive from a price/visual perspective.

Vs. the Ascaso Steel Uno

The Ascaso Steel Uno is a solid machine for brewing espresso. It doesn’t offer the same style of E61 portafilter heating, but still produces a great shot. Some of the aesthetic differences and the easily adjustable OPV valve make this machine slightly easier to tinker with. That said, these machines offer fairly comparable shots. The disadvantage with the Steel Uno comes from its single thermoblock for steaming. Where the Bello’s heat exchanger lets you brew and steam simultaneously, the Steel uno needs to be brought up to steam temp, then back down to brew temp. It might not affect you much if you only like americanos and shots, but it can be frustrating if you like a latte every morning. The Bello might offer more value for you if you’re looking for that simultaneous brewing and steaming, but the Steel Uno is still a capable espresso machine and a little lower in price.

Vs. the Diletta Mio

Our other offering from Diletta, the Mio, offers some similar performance elements to the Bello. The Mio is another non-E61 machine. This is the biggest difference between it and the Bello. However, the Mio has an integrated shot timer, PID controlled temperatures, and an on-demand steaming circuit for milk frothing. This means you can turn off the steam unit to save on energy. The results is a slightly different flavor of machine that makes tweaking your brew a little easier, but with reduced focus on simultaneous brewing and steaming. If you’re into adjusting your espresso performance but want the occasional milk drink, the Mio might be for you. But if you’re looking for an E61 grouphead and that simultaneous brewing/steaming capability then the Bello is probably the machine that best suits your needs. As usual, which machine works for you is going to come down to your budget, desired features, and of course, looks. We think both the Mio and the Bello offer value and aesthetics in spades!

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