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Top 3 Drip Coffee Brewers of 2021

Sep 22, 2021 · best of · coffee · drip · top 3
Top 3 Drip Coffee Brewers of 2021

There’s nothing like a classic drip brew. When we think of a good ol’ fashioned cup of joe, usually a stiff drip brew is what comes to mind. In 2021 there are some incredible options for getting that drip coffee fix. Here are our picks for the Top 3 Drip Brewers of 2021!

Breville Precision Brewer - Tribute Edition

First up, we’ve got the Seattle Coffee Gear classic - the Breville Precision Brewer Tribute Edition. With loads of programmability, great performance, and a few different filter options, this is truly one of the most adaptable coffee makers on the market. This machine can be programmed using the interface on its front for a wide range of brewing options. You’ll be able to adjust every parameter of your drip brewing to work out the exact flavors you’re looking for from your coffee. The Precision Brewer also has settings for gold cup brewing, iced coffee, fast brewing, and more built in by default. The brew basket can be set up for cone or basket type coffee filters, and with the Seattle Coffee Gear exclusive Tribute Edition you can even set the machine up for brewing pour over. This all makes this drip brewer a great fit for those who like full control over their cup of coffee. The complexity here could be off putting for users looking for something a little simpler. Luckily, if that sounds like you then we’ve got you covered with our next two picks!

Moccamaster KBGV Select Coffee Maker

Next up, we’ve got a new take on an old favorite. Technivorm has been releasing the Moccamaster line of drip brewers for a long time now. We rarely see updates to design or features, but this year is a little different! The KBGV Select is Technivorm’s new update to this classic coffee maker. It features the same temperature stability and rock solid performance that we’ve come to expect from Technivorm, with a little something extra. Previous Moccamaster brewers only had one size setting - the full pot. Sure, you could use less water and coffee and brew less, but this does lead to a difference in flavor. The Moccamaster Select is a little different. This brewer has a selector switch to allow you to brew a full, or half pot. The Select adjusts brewing parameters to provide a full flavored cup no matter if you’re brewing a half pot or a full pot. This adjustability makes it the perfect choice for anyone who might want to brew a half pot for one, or a full pot for two, depending on the situation. When combined with Technivorm’s incredible history and performance, this is definitely one of our favorite drip brewers of the year.

Ratio Six

Last, but not least, we’ve got the Ratio Six. This is arguably the simplest brewer on this list, but it may also be the most striking. We’ve talked about the Ratio Six in the best of the year conversation before, and this year is no different. For starters, the Ratio Six just brews a great cup of coffee. Excellent temperature stability, a well designed showerhead, and a consistent pump give you everything you need for exceptional flavor. This brewer doesn’t have the adjustability of the Precision Brewer, or even the Moccamaster Select, but it does make good, simple coffee. Our favorite part? There’s a gasket that seals the gap between the grounds basket and the showerhead, meaning zero temperature is lost as the water makes its way to the grounds. With many other brewers you can really lose temps to that little bit of airflow. Not so with the Ratio Six. This brewer may not be loaded with bells and whistles, but it makes up for it with solid performance, great reliability, and a beautiful look. We’ll be enjoying coffee from our Ratio Six for a long time to come.

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