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Top 3 Under $500 Espresso Grinders of 2022

Oct 2, 2022 · best of · coffee · espresso · grinders · top 3
Top 3 Under $500 Espresso Grinders of 2022

Welcome to our Top 3 Under $500 Espresso Grinders of 2022! You might be surprised to hear it, but choosing an espresso grinder is just as important as choosing the machine itself. The best espresso machine in the world won't be able to function if it isn't paired with a capable grinder. A great espresso grinder can even elevate an entry level machine to new performance heights. You might also be surprised to learn that not every coffee grinder is suitable for espresso. This is because you need a grinder capable of grinding very fine so that the espresso creates the backpressure needed to slow down extraction as water is pushed through the puck. So how do you decide? That's where we come in. Whether you're looking for your first espresso grinder or shopping for an upgrade, this best of 2022 list will help point you in the right direction!

Crowd Pleaser

Our crowd pleaser picks are made to help point you towards the easiest to use and most affordable options on our lists. These are entries that anyone can get the hang of, paired with great pricing. None of this means that they don't also offer great quality! For this year's crowd pleaser pick, we're going with the Solis Scala Zero Coffee Grinder. While it has coffee grinder in the name, this little wonder is actually versatile enough for espresso. The original Solis Scala was a great slow brew grinder, but it could quite grind fine enough for unpressurized espresso shots. The Solis Scala Zero, however, has more settings on the fine end. This means that it gives you the control to dial it in for that unpressurized shot. The Scala Zero also features technology to help cut down on static in the grind chute. This means you'll have less mess and less retention, plus better texture and fluff for your portafilter. This helps to provide consistent extraction as the water spreads through the grounds. Aside from these newer features, this grinder still offers the same small footprint and convenient grind timer. We think this is a perfect first coffee and espresso grinder for anyone getting into home coffee brewing. It's also a great second grinder if you want a dedicated one for espresso and coffee.

Top Features

The Eureka Mignon Notte fits our top features spot for this best of 2022 list because of the value it offers. This grinder is a part of the Eureka Mignon lineup. The Mignon line of espresso grinders takes a lot of the design ethos from Eureka's more expensive commercial grinders and puts them in a more compact and affordable package. The Notte is, in particular, a really attractive proposition. This grinder comes in as the most affordable Mignon espresso grinder, but it still offers the quality and performance. The only thing you miss with the Notte vs. other Mignon grinders are creature comforts. We know, this makes it a little weird for a "top features" pick, but we've positioned it here because it's got an important feature that no other grinder on this list has: Stepless adjust. Stepless grind adjust works like a screw instead of the geared, stepped settings of other grinders. A stepless adjust brings the burrs of the grinder together in an infinite number of settings until they close up. This means you get extreme levels of control over your grounds. With practice, the Notte can help you get the ultimate espresso shot from your favorite beans. In fact, with this stepless grind adjust you can really get the ultimate coffee grounds with this affordable grinder. It doesn't have any programming options, but it does offer incredible performance and extremely solid construction.

Ultimate Pick

If you want the ultimate espresso grinder under $500, look no further than the Baratza Sette 270. This dedicated espresso grinder combines stepped and stepless adjuster ideas to offer an incredible degree of adjustments. On top of this quality, this grinder is also easy to use. While many grinders require tools and a reset to grinder settings to open and clean, the Sette 270 does not. This is because of its unique tool free burr removal, which removes the burr that doesn't move with the adjuster. This means that not only is it easy to disassemble for cleaning, you don't even lose your settings! This grinder also offers programmable time settings. Using these settings you can dial in the right volume for your shots to get the same every time. This sort of consistency will help you get your espresso routine down so that you can focus on the coffee and not measuring your grounds. The Sette 270 also has a really great ergonomic design. The narrow footprint makes it easy to slide next to your machine and the portafilter holder makes it easy to use without mess as well. Overall, this is really one of the best grinder options you can get in this price range. This is why it's our ultimate pick for our top 3 espresso grinders under $500 for 2022!

Honorable Mention

Like with our other best of the year lists, we've also got an honorable mention. For 2022 we're giving it to the Breville Smart Grinder Pro. This grinder offers a lot of versatility and performance given its price point. While its stepped settings don't give you the freedom of the Sette or the Notte in the finer settings, it's actually a great grinder for drip and pour over too. This flexibility is rare in grinders at any price point, so it's worth calling out here. We also love the programming and interface elements of the Smart Grinder Pro. The backlit screen clearly tells you what the setting is and lets you set a grind time and save it. With several settings slots you can really set it up with preprogrammed dosing for a range of different brew methods. The Smart Grinder Pro also performs well. While it might not offer quite the level of grind quality of the Mignon Notte it still holds its own, especially at its affordable price. Definitely a great option for anyone searching for their first all around coffee and espresso grinder. We hope you've enjoyed this top 3 (plus one) of our favorite espresso grinders under $500 for 2022!

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