Baratza Grinder Comparison Guide

Baratza builds innovative, consistent coffee grinders that elevate your brewing process. With specialized options for a range of brew methods, Baratza is sure to have the perfect grinder for you. From easy entry-level options like the Encore to feature rich, multi-method grinders like the Forte AP, there’s a lot to choose from! We’re here to help you learn more about this range of powerful coffee and espresso grinders.



Baratza Encore

The Baratza Encore coffee grinder is simple, powerful, consistent, and effective. We feel the Encore represents one of the best coffee grinders for anyone on a budget. With hardened conical steel burrs, 40 stepped settings, and black or white color options, this no frills option is the perfect first step for someone new to the world of specialty coffee.

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With precision engineered burrs, a metal case, and a digital timer, the Virtuoso+ is drip and pour over coffee grinding refined. This coffee grinder provides a great upgrade from the Encore with its added features, and with its similar footprint it can accommodate just about any countertop. Add in a dramatically lit grounds bin and this grinder looks as good as it grinds.

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Sette Line


Baratza’s Sette line offers a few different espresso options depending on your needs. The Sette 30 espresso grinder is an entry level option for new users on a budget. With Etzinger-engineered conical steel burrs and simple timed dosing, this no-frills option provides fast, low retention espresso grinding at an affordable price. Stepping up to the Sette 270 espresso grinder nets you more advanced hybrid stepped/stepless adjustment, three customizable timed dosing options, and a metal burr carrier. Finally, the Sette 270Wi espresso grinder ups the ante with time and weight based dosing options. Each of these grinders is designed to pair features and pricing for a range of budgets. With their shared compact design, the Sette line is a great way to start your espresso journey.

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Vario Line


Baratza’s Vario espresso grinders are the machines that built their success. Both the Vario and Vario-W were developed in partnership with Malkhonig. These espresso grinders contain flat ceramic burrs, 230 macro and micro grind settings, adjustable burr calibration, and low-RPM belt-driven motors. That range of settings means both Vario grinders can work for espresso or drip/pour over brewing methods, and high-quality internal components keep these grinders in service for years. Both Varios have three timed dosing options, with the Vario-W also offering weight based dosing. Additionally, the Vario line works with a portafilter holder or grounds bin, to easily accommodate both espresso and filter brewing methods. A great option for the end user ready for a serious grinder for drip or espresso.

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Forte Line


Baratza’s Forte line takes the concepts found in the Vario to the next level. With upgraded internal metal components, a touchscreen interface, and an all metal case, both the Forte AP and Forte BG are powerful and reliable enough to function in commercial settings as well as at home. The Forte AP features flat ceramic burrs like the Vario line, and is suitable for both espresso and filter brewing. The Forte BG was designed specifically for brew grinding, and features flat steel Ditting burrs. These burrs result in fewer fines for the ultimate pour over or drip brew. These Forte brewers are perfect for anyone looking for a feature-full grinder built like a tank, whether you’re brewing at home, in an office, or even a small cafe.

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