Eureka Grinder Comparison Guide

Eureka produces multiple lines of fantastic grinders perfect for the new user or seasoned professional. With a number of types, choosing a Eureka grinder may seem daunting, but we’re here to assist. Every Eureka grinder features metal casing, powerful flat burrs, precision stepless grind adjust, and bottom burr adjustments to allow for easier cleaning. Whether you’re brewing with a kettle and a pour over dripper or a prosumer Italian espresso machine, Eureka has a grinder that will elevate your coffee.

Mignon Espresso

Eureka’s Mignon Espresso grinders bring the core features listed above together into a tight footprint that will fit on any countertop. The Eureka Mignon Notte espresso grinder is one of the best values we’ve seen in the category. With 50 mm burrs, a precision grind adjust, and simple push-button operation, the Notte is one of the best entry-level espresso grinders. Adding a simple timer for dosing and sound dampening case elements, the Eureka Mignon Silenzio espresso grinder is an excellent upgrade that adds convenience and quiet. Finally, the Eureka Mignon Specialita espresso grinder offers a bridge to Eureka’s prosumer and commercial offerings. The Specialita features larger 55mm flat steel burrs, two touch screen controlled timed dosing options, and colorful flair that gives it an Italian sports car like flash.

Mignon Brew

The Mignon Brew line of coffee grinders takes many of the concepts from Eureka’s Mignon espresso grinder line and puts them to work building the perfect brew grinder. The Eureka Mignon Filtro coffee grinder is the simplest example of this design ethos. With simple push button operation, the Filtro cuts much of the bells and whistles in the interest of offering pure performance at a competitive price. The Eureka Mignon Crono coffee grinder takes the Filtro and adds a dial for timed dosing. The Eureka Mignon Brew Pro coffee grinder takes the whole platform to the next level. Specially engineered 55 mm burrs designed just for filter brewing combine with sound dampening technology, timed dosing, touch screen control, and premium case elements to stellar results. For drip and pour over coffee, it doesn’t get much better than Eureka’s Mignon Brew line.

Atom Espresso

Eureka’s Atom Espresso grinder line offers prosumer performance beyond what most home grinders can compete with. Sound isolating technology makes these grinders surprisingly quiet, while larger burr sets and powerful motors gives them blistering speed. Finally, colorful screens and tactile button based interfaces with 2 programmable timed dose settings make these grinders easy and intuitive to use. The base Eureka Atom espresso grinder features 60mm burrs. From there, the Eureka Atom 65 espresso grinder and Eureka Atom 75 espresso grinder contain 65mm and 75mm burrs respectively. Each of these grinders offers a step up in performance with similar feature sets. The Eureka Atom Pro espresso grinder switches things up a bit. Designed for single dosing, this grinder features custom unimodal 75mm burrs, a built-in cooling fan, and a single revolution stepless grind adjust. It’s the perfect grinder for the espresso hobbyist who likes to experiment with lots of different coffees.

Eureka Commercial

Eureka’s commercial line of grinders is robust and diverse. Each of the grinders in Eureka’s commercial line are built to exacting quality standards to hold up in a fast-paced, high volume environment. Stepless adjust knobs make these grinders easier to work with than less ergonomic collar adjustable grinders. Their bottom burr adjust also means they can be disassembled for cleaning without losing grind setting. Finally, Eureka’s ACE anti-static system gives these grinders fluffy grounds without extra mess. Each of these grinders fits a specific budget and role, Each of these grinders fits a commercial requirement, from the decaf-grinding Eureka Club, to the full-featured Eureka Zenith 65 and Eureka Olympus 75's high-traffic Commercial Espresso capability. Finally, the Eureka Drogheria commercial bulk grinder switches things up, with its 85mm burrs, single revolution grind adjust, and bag clip, this is the ideal grinder for providing bulk grinding services for retail customers at a roaster or grocery store. For more details on Eureka’s excellent line of commercial grinders, get in touch with our commercial specialists via phone at 866-372-4734 or by email at