Zoka Coffee - Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Pache

Zoka Coffee - Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Pache

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Green Grape, Lemon, Pear
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About Zoka Coffee - Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Pache

Light, effortless enjoyment in every sip. This coffee yields a vibrant fusion of tart green grape, zesty lemon, and gentle pear notes. Easy-going and wholesome - think warm, cosy moments. Please try: A brew that soothes. Light roast beans yield a tangy fruit zest blend. Green grape, lemon, pear - these harmonious flavours ensure comforting vibes in every cup. Effortless in its appeal.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz


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Zoka Coffee

Zoka Coffee

Zoka Coffee Roasters opened their doors in 1996 and have been serving freshly roasted coffee ever since. Based in Seattle; Zoka is still owned and operated by Jeff Babcock, a longtime Cup of Excellence judge. This reputation is the advantage that sets the Zoka's coffee offering apart, as sourcing many of the quality lots is made possible through the strong relationships forged during Jeff's career. All roasting takes place in Bellingham on a 1963 Probat iron coffee roaster and all bags are hand-packed and dated to give customers full confidence in their coffee's quality.

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