Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric Commercial Espresso Machine


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  • – Integrated Drip Tray Scales
  • – Volumetric Programming
  • – Gravimetric Programming
  • – Shot Timers
  • – Low-Profile
  • – Third Wave
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Victoria Arduino's Black Eagle Gravimetric is designed around a singular goal: give the barista complete control over every variable. Volume isn't enough these days. These days true accuracy means extracting to a fraction of a milliliter. The common solution is cumbersome, messy scales on drip trays. The Black Eagle Gravimetric solves this problem with highly sensitive smart scales built right into the drip tray. But of course, the Gravimetric doesn't just measure weight, it programs with it. Programming weight is as easy as programming volume on any other machine. Programmable recipes have never been this accurate.

Beyond the Gravimetric technology, Victoria Arduino pulls no punches with the T3 heating system, volumetric programming (yes, on top of Gravimetric), shot timers and a digital display console to control all of the functions and features at your fingertips.

Features and Functionality

  • Gravimetric: Program with weight using the drip tray-integrated smart scales that seamlessly tare out shot glasses and demitasses and ignore bumps and nudges.
  • T3 Technology: After brew water makes its way through the heat exchanger, it passes through a independent brew boiler before then passing into an actively heated group.
  • PID-Controlled: Both the brew boiler and each heated group is PID temperature controlled for precise control and unwavering stability.
  • Volumetric Programming: Each group can be programmed with four shot volumes for ease-of-use, efficiency and consistency.
  • Low-Profile: The Black Eagle sits low on the countertop, opening up the space for a welcoming and participatory environment.
  • Digital Display: A large LED screen is the Black Eagle's center console for controlling its features and functions.
  • Pull Push Steam Levers: These levers are intuitive and ergonomic, allowing for full-bore steaming and easy feathering for reduced or brief flow.
  • Cool Touch Steam Wands: No burned arms with these wands.
  • Ergonomic Design: There are no misplaced buttons, awkward knobs or dangerously hot surfaces to be found on this machine.
Height 2 Group: 20" | 3 Group: 20"
Width 2 Group: 33" | 3 Group: 43"
Depth 2 Group: 28" | 3 Group: 28"
Watts 2 Group: 7100W | 3 Group: 9900W
Volts 220V
Boiler Volume 2 Group: 14.7 L | 3 Group: 18 L




Warranty Information

What it Covers: Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino commercial espresso machines

Commercial Espresso Machines: Gold Plan required; 2 year parts and 1 year labor

Commercial Superautomatics: Platinum Plan required; 2 year parts and 1 year labor

Warranty Point of Contact: Nuova Simonelli USA

Contact Information: 360-366-2226

Notes: Commercial espresso machines require Nuova Simonelli Gold or Platinum service plans. Self installation or improper water quality may void your commercial warranty. Please speak with your commercial sales rep for details on coverage duration, service level and individual policies.



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