Water Kettles

Brewing hot coffee or tea? You’ll need a kettle. Bring your water to a boil in a hurry with a selection from our inventory of hot water kettles and teapots here at Seattle Coffee Gear. Our staff has carefully curated a selection of kettles to accommodate any user. Whether you are looking to craft flawless pour over coffee or brewing a quick pot of tea, our selection of kettles has something great in store for you. Search through our extensive inventory and find the best kettle for your needs. Questions? Give us a call or send us a chat message!

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The Internet’s One-Stop-Shop for Tea Kettles

Here at Seattle Coffee Gear, we provide a fantastic range of kettles and tea pots to meet the needs of coffee drinkers and tea enthusiasts alike. Our inventory consists of a variety of classic and electronic kettles from the industry’s leading brands, including Breville, Hario, Bonavita, OXO and several others. If you are not sure what type of kettle will best suit your needs, don't worry—our staff has taken the time to test each and every kettle in our inventory. We have a firsthand knowledge about the performance capabilities of all of our available products and can help you choose the perfect one.

Hot Water in a Hurry

For the pourover enthusiast or the tea fanatic, a high quality kettle is a must. Choose from our selection of variable electronic temperature kettles for a fast and powerful boil. Each kettle in our inventory is constructed to efficiently heat then pour water straight into your cup. Also, each kettle’s stainless-steel design and state-of-the-art insulation allows your water to maintain heat for hours. Get the best boil for your buck here at Seattle Coffee Gear today!

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