The Round Up

If you’re looking for a top-notch grinder, then look no further! We’ve picked out our top three grinders for espresso machines the Rancilio Rocky, Baratza Vario and Rocket Macinatore Fausto. When we’re looking for a grinder to go with our espresso machine, we’re looking it to be super fast and incredibly accurate for the best tasting espresso shot.

The Underdog: Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

Tall, dark and built with pure muscle—no we’re not talking about that Rocky, but we might as well be. The Rocky by Rancilio is a powerful machine much like a certain boxer. Built with commercial-grade 50mm steel burrs, this is a professional machine that’s made for home brewing. This is a true underdog story folks.

This is the only grinder we’ve picked that isn’t stepless and we’re totally OK with that. The Rocky gives you 55 levels of control to grind your coffee beans thanks to ultra-fine threading that lets you go from espresso to French press without any fuss.

Brew Methods: Baratza Vario

For coffee lovers looking to brew for espresso and drip coffee, the Baratza Vario has the tools to get the job done! A combination of macro and micro grinder adjustments achieve 230 unique settings that home brewer can easily change with a couple clicks—seriously it's so easy with the two lever adjusters. Paired with the powerful 54mm ceramic flat burrs, this grinder munches beans with fast accuracy.

In fact, the Vario grinds consistently for espresso machines with non-pressurized portafilter—not every multi-purpose grinder can brag about that! And it comes with a portafilter holder for easy grinding. Vice versa, the Vario's a solid companion for your everyday drip coffee maker (we frequently use it with our Technivorm). For more ways to brew, check out the Vario!

Show Stopper: Rocket Macinatore Fausto Grinder

We thought the Rocket Mazzer Mini was impressive but man, when it comes to grinders the Rocket Fausto steals the show! The 65mm stainless steel flat burrs quickly and accurately create perfect, consistent grounds. It’s the only stepless grinder on our list, so you have total control over the adjustments.

Now this is love—if you’re like us and make a lot of coffee, then you’ll love that the Fausto’s bean hopper holds a pound of beans. A. whole. pound. And, if you don't go through the whole pound, there's a stopper that’ll keep the beans inside so you can remove the whole bean hopper and change them out. Could you image trying to turn this guy upside down to shake out the extra beans?


We make a lot of coffee here at Seattle Coffee Gear and we love all our grinders for different coffee brewing methods. When it comes to getting the best grinder for your espresso machine, though, these three grinders fit the bill.