2024 is as fresh as your morning cup, and we’re excited to lay out some of the trends you can look forward to this year. Many coffee aficionados have probably seen some of these concept growing in quiet popularity, ready to hit the coffee scene in full force, and we can’t wait to see the effect on the wider coffee biz!

Cold Brew Innovations

Cold brew coffee is nothing new. This is a now classic way to brew that has only grown to being the main way many people enjoy the beverage. We’ve seen this brew method go from a coffee shop favorite to a simple at home option with the introduction of a wide range of convenient cold brewers. The next step for cold brew? The wide open frontier of infusions and nitro!

There’s already been devices built to nitro-infuse cold brew at home, and we expect to continue to see this trend expand in 2024. More than that though, we look forward to new ways to infuse your cold brew with tasty flavors across the board. We are already seeing more infusions and additives at coffee shops around the corner and the country, and you’ll likely be seeing this more and more. The best part about this trend is that it’s super easy to get in on from the comfort of your kitchen. Fruit and spice infusions are a piece of cake, so check out some ways to try it today!

Cafe Chic Comes Home

Aesthetics are a key part of any coffee setup for many users. When you’re spending a lot of money on kitchen appliances you want them to stand out, but fit in, with your countertop. In this way, aesthetics mattering is nothing new. What is fresh is what we see many folks looking for. As customers seek to bring cafe performance home, we think they’ll also be looking to recreate the aesthetic feel of their favorite coffee shops too.

This means we think we’ll see the more commercial look find a home in, well, more homes. We also expect that more and more users will be seeking the coffee shop performance to match that coffee shop look, which is something we can all get excited about. Will you finally be looking for that cafe quality upgrade in 2024?

More and More Coffee Cocktails

Coffee Cocktails really took off in 2023, and we see that trend continuing. Coffee is just such a versatile addition to so many delicious adult drinks. What’s more, as more people bring espresso machines and cold brewers home there’s more and more ways to bring that coffee infusion to some of your favorite drink recipes.

This also means that cocktail adepts should look to add more coffee methods to their arsenal, which means it might be time for you to take the espresso machine plunge for the next time you might want to whip up a tasty espresso martini. We even have loads of incredible coffee cocktails over on our YouTube channel (we’re on TikTok too!).

More Origins, More Flavors

The coffee world has already expanded immensely in the last few years. Where ten years ago you might have been able to guess all of the coffee origins you’d find at your local coffee shop, things are really evolving for producers. As new, more affordable processing methods become available and buyers expand their markets we anticipate seeing more coffee from less common origins.

Another reason you might see more origins as you peruse the local coffee selection is new processing methods making the most out of less considered beans. In the past, robusta beans were seen as lower quality and best used for instant coffee. Arabica beans, instead, were prized for their flavor. Now, as coffee rust and shifting climate threatens some arabica growers, heartier robusta plants are becoming more prominent. But never fear, this won’t mean a decrease in flavor. Newer processing methods like anaerobic processing can produce better flavor in less sought after beans. This is an exciting development that should help prevent a decline in overall coffee production, and open up more origins and more unique flavors for specialty roasters.

Plant Based Coffee Treats

Finally, a big ongoing trend in the coffee industry is further adoption of plant based milks. In the past, plant based milk alternatives were seen as a way to avoid dairy and get your latte or cappuccino fix. Now, many coffee drinkers are turning to the unique flavor profiles of oat, almond, and soy milk for what they bring to classic cafe standbys.

This means that you should see wider availability of barista specific milk alternative formulas. In the past, it could be hard to get oat, almond, and soy milk formulated for steaming, but we anticipate more access to these specialty plant based milks as time goes on. We also expect that many home baristas will want to keep more than one of these tasty alternatives on hand, as the unique ways that certain plant based flavors interact with various kinds of coffees and brew methods will be an excited thing to understand all year long.