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2023 Grinder Release Recap!

Jun 13, 2023 · coffee · espresso · grinders · news · releases
2023 Grinder Release Recap!

2023 has been a big year for grinders. We’ve seen several excellent new releases this year, which all fair especially well for espresso. Even better, these new grinders run the gamut in terms of pricing and target user, so we’re sure there’s something for you. Let’s take a look!

Fellow Opus

The Fellow Opus evolved from the things Fellow learned in the development of the Ode brew grinder. While this says espresso grinder on the tin, it is also well suited for brew grinding. It makes this possible with a macro adjustment that you can use to get your fine vs. coarse setting, and an interior micro adjuster that you can use to find tune your grind setting for espresso. The single does hopper is also well suited for the dance between espresso and slow brew coffee, allowing you to easily use different beans depending on method. This grinder also comes with a handy magnetic catch cup, removable dosing cup for portafilters, and features anti-static technology. It packs all of this into a compact footprint to boot. With all of this in mind, the Fellow Opus is a truly compelling option for anyone searching for a low cost and versatile grinder option.

Baratza Encore ESP

Similar in many ways, Baratza also has a new grinder entry to put on the counter. The Baratza Encore ESP, as the name suggests, builds on the now legendary Baratza Encore. This is a grinder that takes the Encore name to the next level, and can also handle grinding for different brew methods. Similar in many ways to the Opus, the main difference on the Encore ESP is the adjustment. Instead of separate macro and micro points of adjustment, the Encore ESP’s fine range is broken into much smaller micro adjustments. On the other end of the setting rotation you’ll find macro adjustments more suited for slow brewing. This unique method of adjustment combines with traditional and espresso focused catch bins, a small footprint, and easy operation to rival the Opus at about the same price. The deciding factor for you will be whether you prefer the Opus’ separate adjustments or the Encore’s simpler, but slightly less precise single adjuster.

Technivorm Moccamaster KM5

The Moccamaster KM5 from Technivorm is this legendary coffee maker’s first foray into grinders. There’s truly not much to say about this grinder’s featureset because it’s very simple, but in a good way. With dedicated “Moccamaster” grind settings and a range designed for drip and pour over, this is a highly specialized grinder. It’s also one that produces excellent grounds. This coffee grinder is really the perfect pair with a Technivorm Moccamaster drip brewer and its extra attention to detail like a glass catch bin and the same rugged, modern design found in its sister drip brewers really do a good job selling it. Really the best grinder to combine with your new Technivorm brewer.

Rocket Espresso Faustino 3.1

The Faustino 3.1 is Rocket Espresso’s newest update to their now long standing grinder line. This is a grinder for the true espresso enthusiasts out there, but it provides a lot of bang for your buck at its price point. This mighty little grinder looks great next to a Rocket Espresso machine and offers high performance thanks to its powerful burr set and motor. You can also get the precision needed for nailing those trickier shots with its stepless grind adjust, handled by a large, easy to use wheel. What you’ll probably notice first, though, is the screen. While this grinder may not have the programmability of some very high-end options, the touch screen does allow for pretty much all of the dose programming you’ll need. Three settings will give you enough for single, double, or triple shots, or you could even set one to the perfect dose for a specific drink. The combination of programming features, excellent design, and solid performance make this grinder an excellent choice for those looking to go a bit higher end on their upgrade path. So there you have it! Four big grinder releases, and we’re only halfway through 2023. Stay tuned for more great coffee gear!

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