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Everpure 10" Prefilter Cartridge

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Take a second and think about how clean your water is. Maybe you're in a cute little vintage building (with old plumbing?), maybe you're in a brand new one (with recent construction sites?), or maybe you're just in a high sediment area! If that's the case, your primary filtration system might not be able to weed out small particles as effectively as its designed to. A fresh prefiltration system cartridge, particularly one with a meticulously precise Micron Rating of 10, can catapult you over that problem.

Did we hear someone ask how to tell if the prefilter cartridge needs to be replaced? Easy as pie. Snap open that 10" prefiltration bottle, and have a look at the center ring of your current EC110 Sediment Cartridge. If the cartridge is dark in color all the way through to its core, it has likely absorbed all the harsh sedimentation it can take - which means you're ready to pop a new one in there! We recommend having a couple extras on hand so that the task of maintenance can be a quick check-and-replace on the spot thought.

About Everpure

A good cup of coffee or espresso starts with great filtered water. Using filtered water truly does affect the taste of your coffee. It’s the reason why many people say that their home-brewed coffee just doesn’t taste as good as their café cups. Not only that, but using filtered water in your brewing system can help eliminate bacteria and other harmful agents that you probably don’t want to consume. Seattle Coffee Gear has the perfect solution to this problem: Everpure coffee machine water filters.

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