Saeco 53mm Portafilter - Replacement Options


Which portafilter is right for you? Choose pressurized for easy espresso, non-pressurized for best flavor, or bottomless to take your shots to the next level! (and to get a little extra cup clearance.) You can even choose handle type from the basic round style or the Via Venzia's curvy grip. These portafilters will fit any of Saeco's semi-automatic line (well, except the Sirena).

Compatible Machines

  • Estro Profi
  • Saeco Aroma
  • Saeco Classico
  • Saeco Gran Crema
  • Saeco Magic Cappuccino
  • Saeco Poemia
  • Saeco Spidem Villa
  • Saeco Via Veneto
  • Saeco Via Venezia
  • Starbucks Barista

Incompatible Machines

  • Saeco Sirena (58mm)

Pressurized Portafilter

  • Options Abound - If you use pre-ground coffee or have a less-than-espresso grinder, you'll still be able to pull tasty shots.
  • Quick Shot - In a rush? pressurized portafilters will consistently get you coffee in-hand without the minute fine-tuning required for non-pressurized portafilters.

Non-pressurized Portafilter

  • Tasty! - A well-tuned shot offers incomparable flavor! Advanced baristas can even focus their technique to emphasize specific flavor notes.
  • Less Mess - You'll minimize back pressure in your portafilter with a non-pressurized basket, and the used espresso pucks tend to come out cleaner.

Bottomless Portafilter

  • Best Barista - There's nothing quite like watching a perfect shot come through a bottomless portafilter. There is also no better tool for diagnosing problems with your technique. Plus, you get to use terms like tiger striping!
  • Cup Clearance - Without spouts, you'll be able to pull directly into taller cups and mugs.

Pressurized Portafilter

  • Messy - Pressurized portafilters mean wet, soupy pucks after every shot. And if your specific model lacks a solenoid valve you can get a 'sneeze' from removing the portafilter too quickly.
  • Flat Flavors - Pressurized portafilters tend to mask the subtle, tasty flavors you get from a true dialed-in shot.

Non-pressurized Portafilter

  • Upgrades - Going non-pressurized is possibly the fastest way to make your new coffee hobby twice as expensive. Beans need to be fresh ground. Grounds have to be brutally fine and consistent, dosing has to be on-point, and your tamp has to be flawless. Next thing you know, you're buying a new grinder, a portafilter scale, a fancy c-curved tamper, a tamping mat, a vacuum pot...
  • Practice required - You'll discover weak points in your technique that can be hard to overcome, and your overall consistency will take a nosedive (at first). Making a quick shot before work also now requires a more hands-on approach than before.

Bottomless Portafilter

  • Perfection Required - Nothing will test your Mocha-making mettle like a bottomless portafilter. Even the best baristas can struggle with channeling, even distribution and shot speed.
  • Back to Messy - With no spouts to direct your stream of espresso, a bad shot can (and will) sputter and make a mess all over your machine, your kitchen and (likely) your work clothes.
How Does it Compare? While any of these 53mm handles will fit a Saeco semi-automatic machine, the Via Venezia Handle features a soft-touch, curvy 'comfort' gip compared to the plain round of other portafilters.


Model Number Varied
Size 53mm
Material Chrome Plated Brass
Manufacturer No




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